UK AIP and chart format changes – AIRAC 07/2022

To comply with regulatory requirements changes will be made to the format of the UK AIP and Aeronautical Charts effective AIRAC 07/2022:

• ENR 3 ATS Routes: Tables restructured.
• ENR 5.5 Aerial Sporting/Recreational Activities: For easy reference all sites published in a single alphabetical list regardless of type.
• AD 2 Aerodromes: New section “AD 2.25 Visual segment surface penetration”.
• SID/STAR/IAC: Changes to accommodate conventional navaids on PBN procedures.
• SID/STAR/& Coding tables: FLs be shown as FL+three digits to include a leading zero where applicable e.g. FL050.
• For consistency “SFC” will be used throughout the AIP as an upper limit reference.

For further details see the NATS AIS website