The Regulation UK (EU) 2017/373 and 2015/340 SRG 1430 change notification form has been amended and Issue 5 is now published on the CAA web site

The SRG 1430 form and its attach guidance notes are amended to:

  • Reference UK regulations.
  • Allow Interoperability documents related to a notified change to be provided post notification when any impact is determined.
  • Allow more flexibility on the development of cyber risk assessments at the time of change notification and provide e mail address for cyber related documents.
  • Provide better guidance on the completion if the location field.
  • Better define a ‘material modification’. I.e. when will an up issued version of a submitted 1430 be required.
  • Clarify that changes to Interoperability documents are not considered ‘material modifications’.
  • Provide better guidance to assist in describing the change.

When notifying a change ensure that the latest version, SRG1430 Issue 5 is used.