Small Unmanned Aircraft – Air Navigation Order Amendments now in force. New Exemptions and Permissions issued

Operators of small unmanned aircraft are reminded that the Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) 2019 amendments announced previously are now in force. A summary of these changes can be found in CAP 1763.

The following General Exemptions have been issued, which reflect these changes.

ORS4- 1294: Small Unmanned Aircraft – First Person View (FPV) Flying

ORS4- 1295: Small Unmanned Aircraft with a Mass Greater than 7kg – Operations within Class D or E Airspace Outside of Flight Restriction Zones by SUA Operators Holding Permissions or Exemptions issued prior to 13 March 2019

The following new General Exemptions have been issued, which are effective immediately.

ORS4- 1296: Small Unmanned Aircraft – Control Line Model Aeroplane Flight Within Flight Restriction Zones

ORS4- 1297: Small Unmanned Aircraft – Commercial/Congested Area Operations involving the use of a Competent Observer