Revised Visibility & Distance from Cloud Minima

From 20 May 2021, the UK will revert to the rules on flight visibility and distance from cloud in class D airspace that existed up to 26 March 2020. 

The changes to the visual meteorological conditions (VMC) minima will apply to aircraft flying within the UK in class D airspace provided that they are flying during the day only; at and below 3,000 ft above mean sea level, or 1,000 ft above terrain, whichever is the higher; and at an indicated airspeed of 140 kts or less, to give adequate opportunity to see other traffic or any obstacles in time to avoid collision.

Full details of the change are available here, and the CAA published Supplementary Instructions to the MATS Part 1 and the FISO Manual relating to this change on 18 December 2020. 

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