Revised Visibility & Distance from Cloud Minima

The VMC visibility and distance from cloud minima in class D airspace change today (20 May 2021).

Further detail is contained in AIP ENR 1.2 and ENR 1.4 (published in AIRAC 05/2021) and, for ATS providers, within Supplementary Instructions to the MATS Part 1 (CAP 493) and the FISO Manual (CAP 797).

The change to the VMC minima has implications for the operation of the Manchester Low Level Route and pilots should note the contents of Official Record Series 4 No 1489 UK Standardised European Rules of the Air – VFR Flights Within the Manchester Low Level Route. Amendments to the EGCC AD2 entry will be made in due course, and a briefing sheet published through the NATS AIS newsfeed in the coming days.