Revalidation of Instrument Ratings and associated class and type ratings

A recent amendment to the EASA Aircrew Regulation has changed revalidation and renewal requirements of the Instrument Rating for both aeroplanes and helicopters.

A further delay to the implementation has been published to give Examiners and Operators more time to adopt to the new requirements.

When revalidating or renewing an IR(A) or IR(H), the licence holder must hold the relevant valid class or type rating, unless revalidating or renewing the privileges of the class or type rating at the same time as renewing the IR.

Examiners needs to ensure that the applicant meets these requirements when conducting Proficiency Checks and signing the Certificate of Revalidation accordingly, to reflect the privileges of the rating held or being revalidated/renewed.

CAP 1879 gives more details and examples for Examiners.