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  • Aircraft pitot blockages

    Following a number of recent events at Heathrow where aircraft have experienced pitot blockages after a period of inactivity, we have issued advice to industry on aircraft checks and crew awareness. See Safety Notices:SN-2021/014SN-2020/013SN-2021/012 SW2021/130

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Old Warden, 19 June

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for flying display at Old Warden Aerodrome on Saturday 19 June 2021. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M012/2021 at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones. SW2021/129

  • Pre-flight planning – What happens when it all goes wrong?

    Added guidance from the Airspace Infringement Working Group covers more aspects of successful pre-flight preparation and planning: Contingency planning, UK FIS and incorporating Frequency Monitoring Codes. Read Pre-flight planning – Airspace Safety

  • Infringement hot-spot: RAF Halton ATZ

    The Luton Local Airspace Infringement Team and RAF Halton and have written a new hot-spot narrative to help prevent infringements of the RAF Halton ATZ. Read more: The Flight Hub Join Rachael Caston (head of the Airprox board) and GA pilots Matt Lane and Ellie Carter for an online panel discussion on Wednesday 16 […]

  • Economic regulation of NATS En Route plc: further update

    We have published Economic regulation of NATS (En Route) plc: further update on approach to the next price control review (NR23) (CAP2160). This document follows on from the December 2020 Consultation (CAP1944) and March 2021 Update (CAP2119) and provides further details in relation to the next NERL price control review (NR23), including: our current view on the timetable; guidance for NERL […]

  • PPL e-Exams Flight Planning (A) Workbook

    PPL e-Exams Flight Planning and Performance (Aeroplanes) Workbook Revision 2 will be available in the PPL e-Exams system ‘Documents tab’ under ‘Workbooks’ from AM Thursday 10 June 2021. Rationale for minor changes to Workbook: Part of continuous improvement and stakeholder feedback. Makes performance graphs easier to use by changing their page orientation/size to provide more […]

  • Infringement narrative: London City CTA

    The latest infringement occurrence narrative from the Airspace and Safety Initiative covers an infringement of the London City Control Area (CTA) with air traffic control and pilot perspectives, findings and casual factor analysis. Read Infringement of the Class D London City Control Area (CTA) The next GASCo Airspace Infringement Avoidance webinar will be on Monday […]

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Midlands Air Festival, 4,5 & 6 June

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for flying display at Midlands Air Festival, Ragley Hall Warwickshire on 4, 5 and 6 June 2021. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M020/2021 at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones SW2021/121

  • Onshore helicopter occurrence reporting

    The Onshore Helicopter Review Report highlighted a need to promote occurrence reporting to the onshore helicopter community. In answer to this action, the CAA has published CAP2158, Onshore Helicopter Occurrence Reporting, which highlights the importance of Mandatory Occurrence Reporting to improve safety. SW2021/120

  • Launch of new VHF Low Level Common Frequency trial

    Today, 1 June 2021 marks the launch of a 1-year trial of ‘VHF LL Common’ an information service on the VHF Frequency 130.490. The aim is to reduce the risk of Mid-Air Collision between aircraft operating at or below 2000’ Above Ground Level. It is available for use by all aircrew, military and civilian, operating […]

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Old Warden, 6 June

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for flying display at Old Warden Aerodrome on Sunday 6 June 2021. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M012/2021 at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones SW2021/118

  • Expired: Manchester Low Level Route procedure changes

    Procedures for the use of the Manchester Low Level Route have been amended to reflect changes in VMC visibility and distance from cloud minima in class D airspace. The briefing document at NATS AIS Home Page (listed as EGCC LOW LEVEL ROUTE CHANGES under News at and notified by NOTAM) sets out new and […]

  • Wireless Telegraphy Act licence renewal

    An update to CAP670 COM02.19 is introduced to draw a distinction between a delayed renewal of a Wireless Telegraphy Act radio licence and a formal revocation of the licence by Ofcom. SW 2021/115

  • Movement area surface condition reporting

    On 18 February 2021, the CAA issued Supplementary Instructions (SIs) to the MATS Part 1 (CAP 493), the FISO Manual (CAP 797) and the Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) relating to the implementation of ICAO’s Global Reporting Format methodology for assessing and reporting surface conditions on the aerodrome movement area. Industry feedback on these SIs has […]

  • FAA certificate holders permanently residing in the UK

    The provisions of Article 12(4) of the Aircrew Regulation (UK Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011) which permitted ICAO licence holders who only fly for pleasure, to fly in UK airspace with their ICAO licence, ceases to apply from 20 June 2021. The CAA has today issued an exemption to provide additional time for FAA Airman Certificate […]

  • Infringement avoidance webinar & Channel Island hot-spot

    There will be a GASCo Airspace Infringement Avoidance Webinar on Monday 24th May 2021 at 19:00. Register for this free 90 minute webinar online: Webinar Registration The Airspace & Safety Initiative’s latest hot-spot narrative looks at preventing airspace infringements in the vicinity of the Channel Islands Control Zone – includes VRP details, standard routes and […]

  • Revised Visibility & Distance from Cloud Minima

    The VMC visibility and distance from cloud minima in class D airspace change today (20 May 2021). Further detail is contained in AIP ENR 1.2 and ENR 1.4 (published in AIRAC 05/2021) and, for ATS providers, within Supplementary Instructions to the MATS Part 1 (CAP 493) and the FISO Manual (CAP 797). The change to […]

  • Flying Display Standards (CAP1724) Amendment

    This amendment to CAP1724 Edition 3 reflects changes to formation requirements in paragraph 1.12 and 1.13.  No other changes have been introduced. Download Flying Display Standards Document (CAP1724)

  • Flight Crew and Cabin Crew- Before you go flying again

    As aviation builds up again we’re all aware that this summer will be very different. Even if you personally have remained operational during COVID-19 many of your colleagues and fellow professional across the industry won’t have been. This will impact us in many different ways, but most important is to be able to recognise any […]

  • Expired: Notification of jamming impacting GNSS (GPS) 19-20 and 25-27 May

    Significant jamming activity will take place between the 19-20 and 25-27 May affecting Wales, North West England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Activity impacting GNSS will take place between the times and dates specified in AIC P024/2021.  Please refer to AIC for more information. During the trials impacted systems utilising GNSS may suffer intermittent or total […]

  • UK CAA and EASA sign Technical Implementation Procedures on aerospace production and design

    The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have concluded have concluded negotiations on the Technical Implementation Procedures (the TIP), which was signed today. The signing of the TIP, which sets out the measures the aerospace sector must take in order to design and produce new aerospace parts moving between […]

  • Helicopter special events briefing 2021

    The CAA and British Helicopter Association (BHA) are holding a helicopter special events summer briefing.This will enable heliport operators to update industry on their plans for the coming season and facilitate an open exchange with the aim of promoting a safe and successful series of events. The pilots’ briefing for Royal Ascot, Silverstone F1 GP […]

  • Expired: Notification of jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS) RAF Spadeadam, 17-28 May 2021

    Jamming activity will take place between the 17 and 28 May 2021. Jamming equipment will be located within 3 KM of 550306N 0023318W. Activity may affect GNSS equipment within a radius of 30NM. Please refer to AIC P022/2021for more information. Activity may also affect common licence exempt frequencies used for UAS control and electronic situational […]

  • LoSS: What you need to know

    Join Mike Ling to find out more about what Loss of Safe Separation (LoSS) is, as well as the steps you can take to avoid a Mid-Air Collision or an Airprox. Watch on Youtube: LoSS: What you need to know – YouTube This webinar is brought to you by Astral Aviation Consulting on behalf of the CAA. […]

  • New pre-flight planning guidance

    The second set of guidance from the Airspace Infringement Working Group is now available on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website. This new content covers route planning and preparation with two views of threat and error management in action – looking at planning not to infringe and weather. Read more

  • Expired: Temporary flight crew certificate validity

    Covid19 Outbreak ORS4 1466 which extends the standard scope and validity of validity period of a Temporary Flight Crew Licensing Certificate for the initial issue or renewal of pilot licence, rating and instructor or examiner certificates to 6 months, ends as of 31st May 2021. All temporary certificates issued under UK Part-ARA FCL.215(d) from 1st […]