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  • Change in shading of Manchester Low Level Route (Class D) on CAA VFR charts

    To coincide with the release of Edition 48 of the 1:500,000 Southern England & Wales VFR chart on 24 March 2022, the shading of that portion of the Manchester CTR designated as the Manchester Low Level Route has changed to better reflect its status as Class D airspace with special conditions for its use. Those […]

  • Expired: Alert for Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Restriction of flying regulations HMS Queen Elizabeth Port visit – Liverpool, 24-28 March 2022 Unmanned only

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Liverpool from 24-28 March 2022. Details by NOTAM and in a Briefing Sheet at SW 2022/058

  • The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2022

    The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2022 (SI No. 321) was laid in Parliament today, and comes into force on 13 April 2022, amending the Air Navigation Order 2016. The primary purpose of the Amending Order is to update references to the Basic Regulation, as retained (and amended in UK domestic law) pursuant to the European […]

  • Simplification of document certification requirements for personnel licensing

    The UK CAA have updated the requirements for providing certified documents in support of a personnel licensing application. These changes allow for:   · The option to provide a photo of yourself holding your ID (a ‘selfie’) as an alternative to obtaining a certified copy · The ability for non-aviation professionals to certify most licenses […]

  • Expired: Alert for Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, Red Arrows out-of-season practice 28 March to 8 April

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for fast jet flying display rehearsals will take place at Royal Air Force Waddington between 28th March and 8th April 2022. Full detail in AIS Briefing Note at NATS UK | Briefing Sheets.  Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones. SW2022/055

  • Upcoming changes to application form to convert an Existing UK Flight Crew Licence to a UK Part-FCL licence (SRG1104)

    As part of improvements to our licence application service, we are reducing the use of paper application forms.   Online application form SRG1104, used to convert a UK national licence or expired UK JAR licence to a UK Part-FCL licence, has been updated and will soon replace the paper (PDF) application form.    There will […]

  • Expired: Reminder: Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy Consultation

    Modernisation of UK airspace, delivering quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys, is long overdue. Don’t forget to give us your views on our draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy, which has been refreshed to: extend the strategy to 2040 focus on integrating all airspace users with simpler airspace design and supporting regulations introduce sustainability as an overarching principle […]

  • 22/23 CAA Scheme of Charges Publication

    The CAA has published the revised 14 Schemes of Charges and the Consultation response document on the 17th  March 2022 under CAA UK Official Record Series 5, that will be legally implemented with effect from the 1st April 2022. The current 14 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31st March 2022.

  • AAC Workshop: GA reporting; Mythbusting workshop

    Astral Aviation Consulting (AAC) is holding a free workshop with Chris, Matt and Steve Forward (Director Aviation at CHIRP) to discuss General Aviation (GA) reporting, as well as how you can report to help other pilots. They’ll provide some practical advice on the types of reports out there and how to complete them, before moving on […]

  • FRTOL Examiner Manual and Candidate Guidance

    The FRTOL Examiner Manual (CAP2118) and Guidance for FRTOL Practical Test Candidates (CAP2325) have been published. They follow the Introduction of new Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) Practical Test format and FRTOL Examiner Qualification Procedures  guidance published in February. Category: Air traffic control, Autogyros, Balloons, Flight crew licensing examiners, Flight training private, Gliders, Microlights, Private pilot aeroplane, Private pilot helicopter

  • Expired: AMS Support Fund: Call for applications

    The CAA again is inviting UK aviation industry organisations to submit funding proposals to the AMS Support Fund (ASF)  The ASF, which is different from the FASI Grant, is intended to aid projects in support of the delivery of airspace modernisation where delivery benefits multiple stakeholders or research will enable wider industry deployment.    The fund will be managed and administered by […]

  • Reminder to register for Flying Display Pre-Season Symposium

    The closing date to register for the Flying Display Pre-season Symposium is Wednesday 16th March 2022. Please use the online booking form Flying Display Symposium Booking Form ( to register to attend. The two-day symposium is for all those involved in display flying or the planning or execution of Flying Displays. This year’s event will […]

  • CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK Edition 91

    Download the latest edition of CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK After a stop-start year last year, CHIRP is looking forward to more consistent and regular flying this year as Spring/Summer approaches. As part of getting back to flying, the need to consider contingencies and have a ‘Plan B’ is an important part of pre-flight planning and […]

  • Flying Display Standards: Edition 4 published

    Following an earlier consultation, we have published a new edition of Flying Display Standards Document (CAP1724). This CAP provides a single point of access to guidance for Display Authorised pilots (DAs) and Display Authorisation Evaluators (DAEs) in areas such as preparation, standardisation and evaluations; and contains regulatory guidance material to enable those people to perform their […]

  • Expired: Airspace infringement avoidance webinar and statistics update

    Join GAsCo’s airspace infringement avoidance webinar on Monday 7 March (19:00) for an hour and a half of information, tips, suggestions and quizzes. Register online for free: Airspace Infringement Avoidance Webinar Monthly figures for reported airspace infringements and Airspace Infringement Team decisions are regularly updated on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website. January and February […]

  • Amendments to Pilot Common Project Regulation (716/2014)

    The Air Traffic Management (Regulation (EU) No 716/2014) (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (SI No. 211) was laid in Parliament yesterday, 3 March 2022 and is expected to come into force on 24 March 2022.  SI 2022 No. 211 makes amendments to UK (EU) Regulation No 716/2014 (also known as the Pilot Common Project Regulation) These amendments […]

  • Deletion CAP670 Part D: Human Resources

    Following publication of CAA ORS9 decision 6 detailing additional AMC and GM on Air Traffic Controllers’ Rostering System(s), the CAA has issued a supplementary amendment that deletes Part D: Human Resources from CAP670 and amends Part B Section 1 APP04.8 with effect from 7 March 2022.

  • New and updated Safety Sense Leaflet: Fuel Handling and storage

    The latest new and updated Safety Sense Leaflet on Fuel Handling and storage has been launched. This leaflet is intended to give practical guidance on the dispensing, handling and storage of fuel for use in GA aircraft. This forms part of the popular General Aviation (GA) Safety Sense Leaflets series which the CAA is currently updating.  SW2022/038

  • NOTAM Q-Code change: Hang gliding and Paragliding

    The Q-Code for Hang gliding/Paragliding activities is “WP” (parachute jumping exercise (PJE), paragliding and hang gliding). If a NOTAM relates to paragliding/hang gliding the use of “WP” can be misleading if taken to indicate a PJE instead of paragliding/hang gliding. The flight characteristics and risks associated with paragliding/hang gliding are closer to glider flying than […]

  • Active Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Trial Update

    We have now collated and reviewed the first three months of trial data (September-November 2021). The trial report for this period is available on the Carbon Monoxide in Genera Aviation page of our website. SW2022/036

  • Updated Airspace Policy – ATS Network Policy With Neighbouring States

    The CAA has revised the Route Network Policy With Neighbouring States in order to update references to organisations, documents and procedures. In addition, the title has changed to ATS Network Policy With Neighbouring States as this airspace environment now includes Free Route Airspace. This policy is effective 1st March 2022. SW2022/035

  • AAC Workshop: STARTS//Return to Flying

    Astral Aviation Consulting (AAC) is holding a free workshop on STARTS//Return to Flying with guest Matt Lane discuss returning to flight and what you can do to give yourself the best start to the flying season after the winter months on 23 February at 19:30 GMT.  Register online: Workshop: STARTS//Return to Flying AAC is a third-party supplier […]

  • The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2022

    This Skywise is to advise that The Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2022 was published in draft on the 24 January 2022.  It is expected to come into force on 13 April 2022. The primary purpose of the Amending Order is to update references to the Basic Regulation, as retained (and amended in UK domestic law) […]

  • Changes to RTF Practical test and Examiner qualification

    Introduction of new Flight Radiotelephony Operator’s Licence (FRTOL) Practical Test format and FRTOL Examiner Qualification Procedures (CAP2117) has been published. This guidance is for existing Radiotelephony (RTF) Examiners, prospective FRTOL Examiners, FRTOL candidates, Approved Training Organisations (ATOs), Declared Training Organisations (DTOs) and Training Providers. Its content will be applicable from 14 March 2022.