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  • Expired: Response to ANO review consultation published

    Today we published our response to the ANO review consultation. To view the consultation documents, please visit: or to view our response:

  • Expired: Upset prevention/recovery training on FSTDs

    The purpose of this Information Notice is to provide guidance for fixed-wing FSTD operators, AOC holders and ATO’s regarding the conduct of Upset Prevention and Recovery Training on Flight Simulation Training Devices in compliance with Part-ORO.

  • Expired: Duxford airshow restrictions, 27 to 29 May

    Restriction of Flying Regulations from 27 to 29 May 2016  at Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire for air show. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M027/2016  at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Additional restrictions will be subject to NOTAM action throughout the period for jet formation display teams.

  • Expired: Licences to be provisionally suspended for some infringing pilots

    Under a new process, pilots identified as having infringed controlled airspace, Danger Areas or Restricted Areas, could have their licences provisionally suspended while the details of the incident are investigated and follow-up action considered. Details of infringement events will be are assessed by a team of experts made up of in-house pilots, investigators and air traffic […]

  • Expired: Restrictions for Red Arrows flying displays – June

    Restriction of Flying Regulations on 2 June (RAF Valley), 4 June (Arbroath), 4 June (RAF Lossiemouth), 11 June (Biggin Hill), 12 June (Torbay), 12 June (Barry Island), 17 June (Folkestone) for displays by Jet Formation Display Teams. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M036/2016 at

  • Expired: Access to the ground handling market at UK airports

    We are seeking views and relevant factual information from those with an interest in the provision of ground handling services at UK airports. We are looking for facts, examples, information and stakeholders’ views on the factors we should take into account when carrying out our functions under the Airports (Groundhandling) Regulations 1997. As part of […]

  • Expired: Type Rating Instructor revalidation and renewal

    This Information Notice clarifies the requirements for the revalidation and renewal of SFI(A) certificates and TRI(A) certificates that include ‘aircraft’ privileges. It also includes information regarding SFI(A) privileges and conditions.

  • Expired: CAA statutory charges 2016-17 released

    Updates to Official Record Series 5 – Scheme of Charges (excluding air display and low flying permission charges) have been released. These changes are to be implemented with effect from 1 June 2016. Along with this, CAP 1407 provides the CAA responses to the comments received from respondents to the CAA industry consultation concerning charging proposals to […]

  • Expired: Blackpool, Duxford, Durham & Podington restrictions

    Restriction of Flying Regulations on 21 May (Blackpool Pleasure Beach), 27,28 and 29 May (Duxford), 28 May (Durham Tees Valley Airport) and 29 May Podington (Santa Pod Raceway) for displays by Jet Formation Display Teams. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M036/2016 at

  • Expired: Review of Hebrides Range Danger Area EG D701

    We are currently undertaking a Post Implementation Review on the changes to Danger Area EG D701 made in February 2015.  Please address any comments that you may have concerning the use of EG D701 since the changes were implemented to, ensuring that they are submitted by Friday 10 June. More information on the original decision […]

  • Expired: Central London flying restrictions

    Restriction of Flying Regulations on 18 May 2016 in Central London a part of the arrangements for the State Opening of Parliament. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M040/2016 at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones.

  • Expired: Offshore helicopter restrictions extended

    The UK and Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities have agreed to extend the restrictions put in place following the Norwegian Super Puma helicopter accident on Friday 29 April to include the AS332L2 Super Puma helicopter until further information is available. The decision to extend the restriction is based on the close similarities between the two types of helicopter, […]

  • Expired: CAA statement on Norwegian helicopter accident

    “Our thoughts are with those affected by the tragic accident in Norway. “Following the accident the UK CAA has issued an instruction to stop any commercial passenger flights by UK operators flying the Airbus EC225LP helicopter. This mirrors action taken by the Norwegian CAA. The restriction does not apply to search and rescue flights. “The […]

  • Urgent: Expired: SE England presidential visit restrictions, 21 to 24 April

    Restriction of Flying Regulations between 21 and 24 April 2016 (inclusive) in Essex, London and Windsor as part of the arrangements for the visit to the UK by The President of the United States of America. Details by NOTAM and on the NATS website.

  • Expired: PBN enhanced route-spacing guidance

    As part of implementing the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy, our new publication describes a loss of separation risk modelling approach to establishing performance-based navigation (PBN) route spacing.