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  • Expired: Simplified regulations for private pilots offering charity flights

    As long as private pilots meet certain basic requirements they will now be able to apply for blanket permission to offer flights for charity, rather than having to apply for each individual flight. These changes instead place more emphasis on pilots providing a thorough explanation of safety standards and potential risks to any passengers prior […]

  • Expired: Air travel experiencing record passenger numbers

    This year has seen the highest rolling 12 month passenger total since records began, with UK terminals handling the largest number of passengers in the first quarter since before the global financial crisis. These figures seem only to be growing, so to keep in the loop, check out our infographic.

  • Urgent: Expired: Drone users risk prosecution if not following ‘dronecode’

    We want to be able to embrace drone technology, but must ensure this is done with all airspace users in mind. Drone users need to understand that they are entering into one of the busiest areas of airspace in the world, a hugely complex system that requires them to be aware of the regulations that keep […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Information for examiners certified outside of the UK

    Holders of examiner certificates issued by European Aviation Safety Agency member state authorities other than the UK CAA must review and implement the written material supplied by the UK, which can be found in the EASA examiner differences document. Non-UK examiners must also notify the CAA in advance of each skill test, proficiency check, and assessment […]

  • Expired: ATOL protected bookings continue to rise

    The number of ATOL protected bookings has risen for the third consecutive year as consumer understanding of the scheme rises. In the last year, the scheme has helped to support over 8,000 holidaymakers who were affected by any of the 15 ATOL holding travel companies who ceased trading during the year.

  • Expired: Air travel concerns for disabled passengers

    Passengers with a disability or reduced mobility are significantly less likely to fly than those without dye to concerns about access, although those who have flown in the last 12 months consider themselves ‘confident flyers’ and are pleased with the level of special assistance they are provided. This research will help to inform our evidence-based […]

  • Expired: Pack peace of mind

    Our 2015 ‘pack piece of mind’ campaign to raise awareness of ATOL protection reached a potential TV audience of 23 million adults, and more holidaymakers than ever are now financially protecting their holiday abroad. The campaign was family-focused and aimed to encourage households to look beyond the price and check their holiday is ATOL protected […]