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  • Expired: CAA response on NPA 2016-13 – Airspace design

    The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2016-13 which proposes Technical requirements and operating procedures for airspace design, including flight procedure design. Read our response to the NPA Read EASA NPA 2016-13 See our website for details of other responses we have made to EASA’s Notices of Proposed […]

  • Expired: CAA response on NPA 2017-01 – CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise

    The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-01 regarding the implementation of the CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise. Read our response to the NPA Read EASA NPA 2017-01 See our website for details of other responses we have made to EASA’s Notices of Proposed Amendments. SW2017/43

  • Expired: Ex-military aircraft with a CAA Permit to Fly

    We have published a Safety Notice to remind operators, Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisations (CAMOs), Maintenance Organisations (MOs) and pilot of ex-military aircraft with a CAA Permit to Fly of their responsibilities with regard to correctly monitoring, on an ongoing basis, the airworthiness of these aircraft. SW2017/41

  • Expired: Part-145: Occasional/temporary line stations

    Our Information Notice gives advice for Part-145 organisations about what the CAA considers to be an occasional or temporary line station and their use, how they should be established and for how long they can remain in place. SW2017/40

  • Expired: Update to CAP 746 – Met Observations

    CAP 746 – Requirements for Meteorological Observations at Aerodromes contains procedures and information which describe the provision of meteorological observations to civil aviation in the UK and the related regulatory requirements. This update to CAP 746 incorporates minor editorial amendments and changes for clarification purposes. These changes are detailed in the publication’s revision history. SW2017/39

  • Expired: Updated application form for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft in UK Airspace

    Applications for Operation of a Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in UK Airspace, SRG1320, has been revised to Issue 7. From 1 May 2017, Issue 6 of this form will no longer be accepted by the CAA and any application received after this date using Issue 6 will be rejected and sent back to the applicant. […]

  • Expired: Review of flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements

    The UK CAA, in support of the work of Commission and EASA, is asking crew members to participate in a survey as part of the need to review six elements of Subpart FTL as required by Regulation (EU) No 83/2014.  The Regulation requires the European Commission together with EASA to set up a research study. […]

  • Expired: NATS Ground Navigation Aid Rationalisation

    Stornoway VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. Work will commence no sooner than 21 March and will last for approximately three months. For more information about the process and impact of the replacement, read our Information Notice. SW2017/35

  • Expired: CHIRP Cabin Crew FEEDBACK Issue 62 – March 2017 now available

    This Issue highlights the importance of fatigue reporting from both flight crew and cabin crew. Other topics discussed are EASA FTLs, pressure to operate from Management, pre-flight briefing procedures and disembarkation of aircraft without flight crew. Read CHIRP Cabin Crew FEEDBACK Issue 62 – March 2017. SW2017/33

  • Expired: Exeter Airport – airspace change consultation

    Exeter Airport has launched a consultation on their proposal to establish controlled airspace, running from 9 March 2017 to 9 June 2017. Access the consultation document. View our page on Exeter Airport’s proposal. SW2017/32

  • Expired: CAA, HSE and HSENI issue revised enforcement Memorandum of Understanding and associated guidance

    The CAA, Health and Safety Executive and Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland have revised and issued a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Its purpose is to ensure effective collaborative working between these organisations where their enforcement duties overlap in and around the United Kingdom. The MOU is supported by CAP1484, which provides additional specific […]

  • Update to air traffic controller training guidance (CAP 584)

    CAP 584 has been amended to update the reference for the Air Traffic Controllers – Licensing CAP which has changed from CAP 744 to CAP 1251. The initial training terminal objectives for ratings have been moved to the CAP 794. This update also reflects the post transition period of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340: the introduction […]

  • New SI to CAP 493: SERA Part C Implementation – Phase 1

    The purpose of this new SI is to introduce Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2016/1185 (SERA Part C) Phase 1, which amends Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 923/2012 through the addition of several new requirements and revisions to a number of aspects of SERA Part A & B. SW2017/27

  • General Aviation Unit Roadshows

    In advance of the 2017 flying season, our General Aviation Unit will be running a series of roadshows across the UK in March and April to discuss developments to general aviation regulations. We extend this invitation to: flying schools (RTFs and ATOs), Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisations and associated maintenance providers in the UK. We believe […]

  • CAP 1434 – UK Flight Information Services

    As the 2017 flying season approaches, we would like to draw attention to CAP 1434 ‘UK Flight Information Services: Guidance from the CAA’ which was published last year. This leaflet provides guidance to pilots on the types of air traffic services that are available to all flights operating within Class G airspace and, where notified, […]

  • Expired: Hawarden RMZ airspace change proposal

    We have now published our decision relating to the Hawarden RMZ airspace change proposal. We have also released copies of other documentation related to the proposal and our assessment of it. SW2017/25

  • Expired: Policy statement on recovery of Heathrow new runway costs

    CAP 1513 sets out our policy in relation to the recovery of costs associated with obtaining planning permission for the new runway and capacity expansion at Heathrow Airport. This policy statement is complementary to our decision to modify Heathrow Airport Limited’s (HAL’s) licence to permit up to £10 million per year of efficient Category B costs […]

  • Expired: Consultation on NATS resilience requirements

    Our new consultation sets out the outcome of work we carried out jointly with NATS with regards to NATS’ resilience, and seeks views on a proposed enforcement tool and a new licence condition. We are proposing to adopt specified definitions of resilience, contingency and business continuity and to set the requirements for the enforcement of these under […]

  • Expired: Improved Pilot Medical Declaration form

    A new, improved Pilot Medical Declaration process is now available – if you have already declared you do not need to do so again. The new process is online only, so applications by post or email will not be accepted. Replacing the old PDF form means that the form will now work on all current browsers, as well […]

  • Expired: Guidance for operations in volcanic ash

    CAP 1236, our guidance regarding flight operations in the vicinity of volcanic ash, has been updated to take account of a revision to the European and North Atlantic Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan. In particular, this updates the information on methods for publication of information relating to forecast volcanic ash concentration. In tandem, we have also […]

  • Expired: Airline compliance providing assistance to disrupted passengers

    We have just published a compliance report reviewing airline procedures for providing care and assistance to passengers during disruption, dealing with denied boarding and downgrading, and compensating passengers affected by a long delay due to a missed connection. We have also published the full responses provided by airlines. As a result of this review we […]

  • Expired: Edition 71 of CHIRP general aviation FEEDBACK

    This edition of CHIRP FEEDBACK covers how free navigation and distraction can lead to errors, and listening Squawks can help Air Traffic Controllers prevent errors becoming infringements or worse. It also discusses why dwelling on a mistake in the air can compound the original error – the time for analysis and discussing whether follow-up action […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Applying for 8.33 kHz radio funding

    The CAA has secured €4.3 million of funding from the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility to encourage the early transition of the UK GA fleet to 8.33 kHz-capable equipment. The funding will be distributed by way of reimbursal to aircraft owners or pilots to contribute toward the cost of new radio equipment. For more information on […]

  • Expired: Edition 121 of CHIRP air transport FEEDBACK

    Approaching the first anniversary of the introduction of EASA Flight Time Limitations this edition of CHIRP FEEDBACK contains a number of examples of flight crew fatigue and a summary of fatigue issues. Air Traffic Control interests include controlling in bad weather and tower controllers doubling-up as approach controllers. Engineering organisations under pressure and engineers signing […]

  • Expired: New report on attitudes towards aircraft noise

    Our new report describes the DfT commissioned ‘Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014’, which builds on earlier noise surveys. It covers the study’s approach, sampling strategy, determination of noise exposure, analytics approach, and results. This is accompanied by publication of a more detailed technical report, the raw data, and an independent peer review. SW2017/016

  • Expired: Population trends around UK airports

    Our new report looks at population trends around ten UK airports. It also presents a summary of the legislative background in terms of historical and current international and UK land-use planning controls and noise policy. It then presents a methodology for assessing population trends and applies this to ten UK airports. The findings of the […]

  • Expired: Definition of ‘overflight’

    As a contribution to the development of revised guidance on the Airspace Change Process, our new report defines ‘overflight’ as it relates to airspace regulation; and details an overflight metric which may be used to quantitatively compare different airspace options. SW2017/014