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  • Expired: Balloon operations – safety matters

    This Safety Notice provides the latest safety guidance for all balloon operations/operators, with particular emphasis on passenger-related matters and advice on pilot training and decision making. SW2017/73

  • Expired: CAA response on EASA NPA 2017-04 – Aerodrome rules

    The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-04 ‘Regular update of Aerodrome Rules-CS-ADR-DSN- Issue 4’. Read the response on our website SW2017/72

  • Expired: Guidance on future provisions for aeronautical information

    This Information Notice is aimed at organisations and personnel who originate, exchange, validate, store or process aeronautical information and data published in the United Kingdom Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). This must now meet requirements in EU regulations 73/2010 (ADQIR); 139/2014 (Aerodrome Regulation); and future EU 2017/373 Annex VI (Part AIS) – as set out in […]

  • Expired: NATS VOR replacement programme update

    The Isle of Man VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. For more information about the process and impact of the replacement, see our Information Notice. SW2017/71

  • Expired: Withdrawal of CAA SID PBN Replication Policy

    The CAA Standard Instrument Departure (SID) PBN Replication Policy has been withdrawn pending review and amendment, primarily to remove reference to consultation arrangements, which will now be covered by guidance issued as part of the Airspace Change Process.  This Replication Policy, together with the policies for the PBN replication of Standard Arrival Routes (STARs) and […]

  • Expired: Guidance for Part-147 Instructors (CAP 1528) published

    Replacing CAA Standards Document 46 V1, CAP 1528 provides guidance for assessing the qualifications, skills, competency and the revalidation of Part-147 Instructors, Knowledge Examiners, Exam Invigilators and Practical Assessors. SW2017/64  

  • App Access Message

    Please register to use the SkyWise app if you haven’t already done so.  If you are already registered please login in with your details.

  • Urgent: Important information for SkyWise app users

    A new version of the SkyWise app is being released this week and will be available to download for Apple and Android devices. Please ensure that you have the option for ‘Automatic Downloads’ turned on in your device’s settings so that you can continue to receive notifications. Guidance for Apple devices Guidance for Android devices […]

  • Expired: Small unmanned Aircraft – NQE standardisation

    This information notice notifies all persons who may be associated with National Qualifies Entities (NQEs), or who may use their services, of the intended role and scope of the privileges granted under the CAA approval. It will also provide additional guidance on the CAA’s expectations with respect to the assessment process and the standardisation considerations […]

  • Expired: Airprox awareness campaign

    The number of Airprox incidents involving general aviation aircraft in the UK has been steadily increasing for a number of years. Spring usually sees a particularly sharp increase as the weather improves. The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) has now launched an awareness campaign to remind pilots of how to minimise the risk of being involved […]

  • Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition No 122 now available

    This issue highlights Air Traffic Controller fatigue: how do you help a colleague who you suspect is affected by fatigue? How would you respond to a colleague’s concern about you? It also deals with flight crew fatigue reports being classified as ‘unfit’ and the pressure to report for work. Other reports include cockpit iPad installations […]

  • Expired: UK Airprox Board newsletter, March

    UKAB’s March 2017 summary focuses on Airprox incidents in and around the visual circuit. ‘Airprox of the Month’ relates to an incident at a busy A/G airfield where multiple types using multiple runways in poor weather meant that options quickly became limited for one pilot. SW2017/56

  • Expired: New form for commercial UAV operator applications

    Issue 7 of Form SRG1320, for applications to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft in UK airspace, has been published. Applications made with Issue 6 are no longer accepted and will be returned to the applicant. SW2017/54

  • Expired: CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services Edition 3 published

    CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services Edition 3 has been published and becomes effective on 25 May 2017. Aside from minor editorial changes within the foreword, Edition 3 removes the Glossary and abbreviations sections and refers the reader to CAP 1430 the UK Air Traffic Management (ATM) Vocabulary. As highlighted in CAA Information Notice IN-2016/085, […]

  • Expired: Third Country Licence holders – assessment of knowledge

    Read our new Information Notice for advice on the policy regarding confirmation of acquired theoretical knowledge for Third Country Licence holders wishing to be issued with a validation of their ICAO licence by the CAA restricted to private privileges only. Except in the case of FAA licence holders, all other requirements of Part-FCL Annex III […]

  • Expired: Part-145: Maintenance staff employment status guidance

    Our information notice provides guidance to enable Part-145 organisations to establish the employment status of staff engaged on zero-hour contracts for the purposes of Part 145.A30(d). SW2017/51

  • Expired: CAP 797 Edition 3 published – Flight Information Service Officer Manual

    CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Manual Edition 3 was published today and will become effective on 2 May 2017. Aside from minor editorial changes, Edition 3 includes significant amendments which remove the Glossary and phraseology sections – referring readers to CAP 1430 the UK ATM Vocabulary and CAP 413 Radio telephony Manual respectively […]

  • Advance notice of update to CAP 797: Flight Information Service Officer Manual

    CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer (FISO) Manual Edition 3 will be published on 13 April 2017 and become effective on 2 May 2017. Aside from minor editorial changes, Edition 3 includes significant amendments which remove the Glossary and phraseology sections – referring readers to CAP 1430 the UK ATM Vocabulary and CAP 413 Radio […]

  • Expired: Gatwick Route 4 RNAV 1 SIDs

    We have published our conclusions in respect of modification requirements to Gatwick Route 4 RNAV 1 SIDs and correction requirements relating to Route 4 Conventional SIDs. Read the full report and associated documentation. Further information about the post implementation review is available on our website. SW2017/48

  • Expired: Economic regulation of NERL 2020-2024: strategic outcomes discussion document

    We have published a discussion document seeking views from all interested parties on the process, strategic outcomes, and the relevant issues that should shape the CAA’s approach to the future economic regulation of NERL in the period from 2020 to 2024. Views on all the issues raised in this document are welcomed through our consultation. […]