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  • Expired: Edinburgh Airport trial

    From 25 January until 25 June 2016 Edinburgh Airport is trialling a change to aircraft departing from Runway 06 to reduce the separation times between departing aircraft to one minute intervals.

  • Expired: Update on Class F airspace rationalisation PIR

    As part of our post implementation review of the rationalisation of Class F airspace we will be seeking the views of aviation stakeholders on the change in early February. Although the initial change was made in November 2014, following assessments of traffic levels on the N560 route, the base levels between INBAS and FOYLE were […]

  • Expired: EASA proposal for new approach to private pilot training

    EASA is proposing to introduce a new category of training organisation – a Basic Training Organisation (BTO). This is a more proportionate approach for organisations wishing to offer some private pilot training. You can view and comment on the proposal here.

  • Expired: LAMP phase 1A decisions published

    Our decisions about changes to airspace as part of the London Airspace Management Programme phase 1A (LAMP), as well as all supporting evidence, has now been published on our website.

  • Expired: Update to AME notification index

    This update covers changes to RSS feeds and information on our winter closure. To download the full PDF document click here (because of large file size we advise doing this while connected to Wi-Fi). If you don’t have a PDF viewer on your phone, you can also visit from your computer to see all our alerts.

  • Expired: ‘Justine Case’ to return in Pace Peace of Mind 2016

    Our Pack Peace of Mind campaign, designed to boost consumers’ understanding of ATOL, will return in 2016 – this time making waves across national media, magazines, online and on social media. Launching just after Christmas, again the campaign will focus on educating families as they research and book their holidays. We urge members of the […]

  • Expired: Use of government aerodromes by civil aircraft operators

    We want to remind you that additional factors may need to be taken into account to for civil flight operations to take place at government or military aerodromes. Operators should make separate safety assessments to identify the specific hazards related to the use of government aerodromes, and put mitigating measures in to place. We have […]

  • Expired: CPL(H) Type ratings for the Sikorsky

    We have released some new information clarifying the changes to the type ratings and training needed to fly Sikorsky S76 helicopters that came into effect on the 27th March 2015. These split the family into two separate type ratings, replacing the single ‘SK 76’. If you currently hold an SK 76 type rating, your recent experience within the […]

  • Urgent: Expired: New reporting rules to improve aviation safety

    New European rules establish a common process across the EU for submitting reports which will allow the industry and safety regulators to identify and tackle specific risks and trends more easily. This updates the UK’s current Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme. All those involved in aviation within Europe, including private pilots and ground handlers, will now be […]

  • Expired: Extension of pilot training on permit aircraft

    Initial pilot training will now be possible in aircraft with national permit to fly certification, as long as the pilot being trained is the owner, or joint-owner, of the aircraft being used. If the training is for an EASA pilot licence or rating then it must be carried out through an approved training organisation or […]

  • Expired: Major airspace changes make flights more efficient

    A series of major airspace changes covering eastern and southern England will enable aircraft to fly more efficiently, reduce the number of low-level flights and reduce the environmental impact of aviation. This is the first significant change made as part of the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy, which is set to modernise airspace by 2020. It […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Consultation for a harmonised UK transition altitude

    A consultation on a UK-wide harmonised transition altitude (TA) of 18,000 ft is being launched today. The new TA will improve airspace efficiency and safety, and bring environmental and economic benefits. We invite aviation stakeholders to read the TA document, review our FAQs, and provide responses to some questions online. You can respond to the consultation […]

  • Expired: Help for light aircraft owners transitioning to new radios

    As you may already be aware, you are required to ensure that all radios on general aviation (GA) aircraft can transmit and receive on both 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz by the 1st of January, 2018. Check the new regulations here. To help you make this transition we are currently working on a number of […]

  • Expired: Testing small experimental aircraft made easier

    We’ve launched new, simpler requirements for approving the initial flight testing of small experimental aircraft in the UK. We hope this will benefit small-scale aircraft designers and manufacturers by reducing the red-tape and financial burdens associate with securing airworthiness and operational approval for new light aircraft designs, and encourage the growth of new design concepts. […]

  • Expired: Gatwick Airport airspace review

    European and national projects have been working on improving airspace infrastructure to deliver a more efficient use of airspace, more direct routes, and subsequent fuel and CO2 savings. Gatwick Airport has its departure route changes approved in 2013, and after a comprehensive study of flight paths flown and feedback from the general public we have […]

  • Expired: New web directory for special assistance information

    As part of the ‘Your Right to Fly’ programme, passengers with a disability or reduced mobility will now be able to quickly find links to essential information from a single source. Our new web directory is a single webpage which includes direct links to the special assistance of all the UK’s airports and major airlines flying to […]

  • Expired: New syllabus for private pilot helicopter training

    Continuing on from our work to reduce the regulatory burden on the general aviation sector, two new training syllabuses for private pilot training have been published, both of which aim to be more relevant to today’s flight training environment by including modern learning methods and skills appropriate to today’s complex aviation environment. This will affect […]

  • Expired: 60 day update on general aviation work, November

    Since the last update we have: – Allowed balloon and glider pilots to use some new types of handheld radios, – Endorsed more training organisations through PROUD, – Launched a consultation to review the UK Air Navigation Order, – Updated the EASA  PPL(H) and LAPL(H) theoretical knowledge syllabus, – And more, which you can see here.

  • Expired: Microlight weight checks to be scrapped

    The requirement for microlights to be re-weighed every five years is to be removed, following a joint proposal from the British Microlight Aircraft Association and the Light Aircraft Association. Having checked that all existing microlight manufacturers are weighing all aircraft at the point of initial production, we are now happy to remove these requirements in […]

  • Expired: Safety certification for offshore helidecks

    An enhanced certification process involving more legally binding safety standards aims to raise safety levels for the over 300 helidecks in UK waters. This will give organisations accredited and overseen by the CAA the power to stop flights to helidecks that fail to meet the minimum standards. The announcement is the latest move to improve offshore […]

  • Expired: New proposals to improve offshore helicopter safety

    The Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group has proposed a series of changes to improve the safety of helicopter operations to the 116 offshore installations in the North Sea. The new proposals are primarily aimed at preventing incidents from occuring in the first place, and initial proposals increase both safety and survivability, especially in terms of […]

  • Expired: Getting to the airport survey

    In 2014, 238 million passengers used UK airports, but how did they begin the journey? Our latest passenger survey report shows that significantly more people departing from the five London airports decide to make use of public transport, while those flying from other regional airports are much more likely to get there by private transport. […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Extended approval for handheld radios in gliders and balloons

    Handheld 8.33kHz channel spaced VHF radios can now be used in balloons, gliders, and dirigibles / non-rigid airships, and from the end of 2018 all aircraft radios must be able to use 8.33kHz channels. Check that any radio equipment conforms to the new requirements here.  

  • Expired: Reducing frequency of aerodrome emergency exercises

    The CAA intends to reduce the frequency of full-scale emergency plan exercises from three to every four years, coming into effect November 1st 2015. Modular tests should continue to be carried out alongside these. It is hoped these changes will improve the level of support that external emergency services are able to commit to aerodrome […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Managing cabin baggage during evacuations

    Significant numbers of passengers attempt to take hand baggage with them when evacuating an aircraft, despite instructions provided in pre-flight briefings and safety cards. This risks slowing evacuation, injuring others and damaging equipment. We must reduce the incidence of this, so operators are advised to seriously review both the methods they use to provide pre-flight safety […]

  • Urgent: Expired: Mandatory inspections of Boeing fuel shutoff valves

    The fuel shutoff valves on some Boeing aircraft have been deemed potentially unsafe, and may require regular testing or replacement. If you are the operator of any B737, B757, B767, B777, or B787 aircraft check the EASA airworthiness website for specifics on how to address this issue.

  • Expired: Launch of new aerodrome weather warning service

    The new Aerodrome Weather Warning Service will be launched on October 27th, 2015. Users and aerodromes can check the Met Office website for current warnings, or register to receive updates by email.

  • Expired: Avoiding wind turbine wake

    We commissioned the University of Liverpool to research the effect of wind turbine wake on aircraft operations. This new report will help general aviation and helicopter pilots understand the need to remain clear of wind turbine wake turbulence. It will also help safer planning of wind turbines near aviation related sites. CAP 764 sets out […]

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