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  • GA e-Exams – Information for training organisations and candidates

    The GA e-Exams system, which houses the Part-FCL PPL (A) & (H) theoretical knowledge exams, has now been updated to include the Part-BFCL BPL and Part-66L Aircraft Maintenance Licence exams which are now live. The GA e-Exams system replaces paper-based theoretical knowledge exams and as such all GA examinations for licences mentioned above must be […]

  • New and Updated Safety Sense Leaflet: Strip Sense

    The latest new and updated Safety Sense Leaflet on Strip Sense has been launched. This forms part of the popular Safety sense | Civil Aviation Authority ( which the CAA is currently updating. 

  • AIP High Intensity Radio Transmission Area (HIRTA) Updates

    Due to a recalculation of source data, HIRTA altitudes and ranges will change for the following locations in UK AIP ENR5.3: Colerne, Croughton, Madley, Pershore. The changes will occur in AIRAC 06 with publication date 5 May 2022 and effective date 16 June 2022. VFR charts will be updated in due course in line with […]

  • Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 142

    As the post-COVID airline industry transitions from survival to recovery, CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 142 reviews some of the key issues from the last 12 months that have recently focused on commercial pressures and rostering versus available resources and manning.  There are also reports discussing UPRT training, Approach Bans, maintenance quality concerns, and lack […]

  • Expired: GASCo infringement avoidance webinar

    The GASCo team will be joined by Amanda Rhodes, an Air Traffic Radar Controller for Luton and Stansted, to provide information on how to avoid an airspace infringement. The webinar will contain tips and suggestions, quizzes and an example of airspace pre-flight planning using Threat & Error Management techniques. Monday 9 May (1900 hours to […]

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – London, 10 May

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for the State Opening of Parliament, London, on 10 May 2022. Details by NOTAM and AIS briefing sheet at Helicopter route H4 and non-specific flight/enhanced non-specific flight clearances contained within area withdrawn for duration. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones. SW2022/082

  • Active Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Trial Update

    We have now collated and reviewed the second quarter of trial data (December 2021-February 2022). We have also published an animation highlighting the importance of flying with an active carbon monoxide detector. The report for this period is available on the Carbon Monoxide in General Aviation page of our website. 

  • Update of activities from GA Q1 2022

    We are continuing with a number of projects including the Carbon Monoxide Detectors (CODE) project, publishing our Q1 summary report and seeking engagement opportunities including hosting Pre-Flying Display Season Symposium, meeting with LAA and working in partnership with the Department for Transport on a number of projects to support Historic Aircraft.   For full details […]

  • CAP1649 Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Competence & Training – Second Issue

    Following publication of amendments to Regulation EU 2017/373 Annex XIII AMC & GM, prior to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, CAP1649 has been re-issued to reflect these changes. No changes have been made to any Regulatory Requirements. This re-issue also provides an opportunity to update and expand on CAA guidance & recommendations […]

  • Reach for the Sky: inspiring the next generation

    The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Department for Transport (DfT) have published Reach for the Sky, a joint, special magazine taking a closer look at the relationship between historic aviation and STEM; the importance of inspiring the next generation of aviation and aerospace professionals . Historic Aviation | Civil Aviation Authority ( SW2022/078

  • Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Helicopter flight, 27 April

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Helicopter Flight between Sandringham and Windsor on 27 April 2022. Details by NOTAM and in a Briefing Sheet at NATS UK | Briefing Sheets ( Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones. SW2022/076

  • Publication of UK Regulations

    We have published a new set of pages on our website that contain up to date versions of UK law (Regulations and Rules) that have been retained and/or amended since the UK left the EU (and EASA).  More regulations are now included, and they are easier to search for and open. Where applicable AMC/GM/CS continues […]

  • Legacy and Transitional category consultation

    We have launched a consultation for drone users on whether the UK should extend the Legacy and Transitional category UAS provisions in the Open category. Let us know your views at

  • Infringement update: Causal factor analysis

    Analysis of reports from 2020 identified poor planning and threat and error management as a cause in 62% of infringements while 54% of pilots reported distraction as a factor. Read the full Report from the Airspace Infringement Working Group’s Causal Factors Working Group Latest infringement figures and past causal factor reports (from 2017) are available […]

  • Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Act 2021 Part 1: Enforcement Guidance and Statement of Policy on Penalties

    Part 1 of the Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Act gave the CAA new roles and powers in relation to the Secretary of State’s powers to give a direction to “a person involved in airspace change” requiring them to progress or co-operate in an airspace change where doing so will assist in the delivery […]

  • Additional guidance for the purpose of spaceflight activities

    The Secretary of State recognises that the CAA is required to take account of environmental objectives as set out in the Civil Aviation Authority (Air Navigation) Directions 2017 (as amended) (“the 2017 Directions”). The Secretary of State has issued further guidance to the CAA to define how the 2017 Directions should be applied to airspace […]

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Helicopter flight, 20 April

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Helicopter Flight between Windsor and Sandringham on 20 April 2022.Details by NOTAM and in a Briefing Sheet at also apply to the operation of all drones.SW2022/070

  • Upcoming changes to application form for IMC/IR(R) ratings

    As part of improvements to our licence application service, we are reducing the use of paper application forms. A new online application form for the initial issue, revalidation and renewal of Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) ratings or Instrument Rating (Restricted) (IR(R)) ratings has been created. This will soon replace paper (PDF) application form SRG1125. A […]

  • Removal of references to Ground Based Navigation Aids for VRPs – Update

    In December 2021, the CAA outlined its intention to remove references to Ground Based Navigation from VRP tables in the UK AIP in AIC (W) 100/2021. There has been minimal objection from airspace users regarding this change and will now be progressed in accordance with AIC (W) 015/2022. SW2022/068

  • ATCO Licence Endorsements, Assessor, OJTI and STDI

    A new CAA web page has been published to clarify the process and requirements for the application, revalidation, and renewal of Assessor, On Job Training Instructor (OJTI) and Synthetic Training Device Instructor (STDI) licence endorsements. The web page also provides information on the administrative requirements and the use of the eight week grace period. SW2022/067

  • Expired: Ofcom decision to vary aircraft and aircraft (transportable) radiocommunications licences

    Please note that following a notice of proposed variation earlier this year Ofcom has published a decision on their website regarding a variation of WT Act Licenses that impacts all aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licensees. The decision can be viewed on the Ofcom website. SW2022/066

  • Air Navigation Service providers (ANSPs) and ATCO Training Organisations

    From the 1st June 2022 the CAA will be introducing a standardised way for ANSPs, TOs and ITOs to notify corrective actions for non-compliances and acceptance or rejection of observations raised during ongoing oversight audits. On completion of an audit an Audit Response Document (ARD) will be issued along with the Oversight Report. The ARD […]

  • Flying aircraft registered in an EASA state

    UK issued flight crew licence holders should be aware that since 1 January 2021, they have no privileges to operate aircraft on the register of an EASA Member State – including within UK airspace. Pilots require an EASA Part-FCL/Part-SFCL/Part-BFCL licence or can request a short-term validation of their UK licence, under Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) […]

  • Virtual Voyage GA Summit: Airworthiness

    The Spring Virtual Voyage General Aviation (GA) Summit 2022: Airworthiness is now ready for you to watch. Hosted by Sophie O’Sullivan, Head of the General Aviation (GA) & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) team, we have invited a number of our GA Airworthiness specialists to share their up-and-coming projects and take a closer look at […]

  • Expired: Infringement avoidance webinar and statistics update

    GAsCo present April’s airspace infringement avoidance webinar on Monday 4 April (19:00). Register online for a free hour and a half of information, tips, suggestions and quizzes. Monthly figures for reported airspace infringements and Airspace Infringement Team decisions are regularly updated on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website. March 2022 decisions are now published.

  • CAP1228a – CAA guidance on data collection under CAP1228

    The CAA has issued further guidance to airports on meeting requirements set under its accessibility airport framework. The guidance complements that already provided under CAP1228 by clarifying information on reporting and data collection requirements.