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  • Expired: Definition of ‘overflight’

    As a contribution to the development of revised guidance on the Airspace Change Process, our new report defines ‘overflight’ as it relates to airspace regulation; and details an overflight metric which may be used to quantitatively compare different airspace options. SW2017/014

  • Expired: Consultation on our Heathrow new runway priorities

    We recently opened a consultation on our priorities and timetable relating to economic regulation of the new runway at Heathrow airport. Responses must be submitted by 14th March 2017, either via the online survey or by emailing We have already made it clear to Heathrow that cost efficiency and value for money are crucial to the […]

  • Expired: Updated advice for brokers on the ATOL scheme

    We’ve updated our advice to brokers on how different types of sales are affected by the ATOL Regulations. This replaces ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/01. For more information, see our webpages on ATOL guidance for travel companies and tour operators. SW2017/012

  • Expired: Updated advice for airlines on the ATOL scheme

    We’ve updated our advice to airlines on how different types of sales are affected by the ATOL Regulations. This replaces ATOL Policy and Regulations 2010/02. For more information, see our webpages on ATOL guidance for the trade. SW2017/011

  • Urgent: Expired: Alleged examination fraud at Hellenic Aviation Training Academy

    EASA have issued SIB No. 2014-32R1 regarding the alleged examination fraud at Hellenic Aviation Training Academy (HATA). We will therefore no longer recognise the validity of CoR issued by HATA between 14 September 2010 and 26 January 2014. EASA Part-66 licence holders who attended HATA examinations between those dates should contact us immediately. If your licence was issued or amended on […]

  • Expired: Extension to regulation at Heathrow consultation

    Following some requests to extend the deadline for our consultation on the design principles for a more outcome-based regime for Heathrow Airport Limited, we will now accept responses until 6 February 2017. SW2017/009

  • Expired: Update for rescue and fire fighting services CAP 699

    Following a comprehensive review, our Framework for the Competence of Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Personnel, the third edition of CAP 699 has now been published. This follows a consultation earlier this year, full details of which are in our new information notice. SW2017/007

  • Expired: Price fixing decision published

    Recently, we found that East Midlands International Airport Ltd, its parent company the Manchester Airports Group Plc (EMIA), and Prestige Parking Ltd infringed Chapter I of the Competition Act 1998 by agreeing to fix parking prices at EMIA. The Competition Act 1998 prohibits agreements that may have a damaging effect on competition and it is not […]

  • EASA specialised operations declaration form

    The final set of EASA implementing rules covering specialised operations (Part-SPO) will enter into force on 21 April 2017. The declaration process to inform the CAA or your specialised operations is now in place at, and the high risk authorisation process will be in place by 23 January 2017. Further details can be found […]

  • Update to CAP 1038 Check Flight Handbook

    A new version of the CAA Check Flight Handbook (CAP 1038) has been published. It explains who may carry out Check Flights and offers a number of technical guides to the various aspects of the Check Flight. It is not intended to replace the contents of an aircraft’s flight manual (or Permit to Fly). SW2017/04

  • Urgent: Expired: Directive: State helicopter flight recorder requirements

    Operators conducting State emergency services public transport helicopter operations in the UK are required to comply to new helicopter flight recorder requirements, in accordance with safety recommendations concerning the provisioning and installation of crash-worthy flight recording equipment by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch. For details of the required changes as well as why they are being made, […]

  • Expired: UK Airprox Board newsletter, December

    UKAB’s December 2016 summary focuses on airprox issues connected with emergency service helicopters and the potential for conflicts between their pilots not seeing approaching aircraft which orbiting or conducting emergency tasks. SW2016/002

  • Expired: Temporary outage of Clacton VOR

    Clacton VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. The work will begin on 10 January at the earliest and last approximately three months. For more information about the NATS VOR replacement programme and the impact of the replacement see our new information notice. SW2017/001

  • Expired: Economic regulation of Gatwick Airport

    We have now published the findings and conclusions of our mid-term review of the regulatory framework that we currently apply at Gatwick Airport. Many aspects of the new framework are working well, including GAL agreeing bilateral contracts with airlines representing more than 85% of passengers, traffic growth exceeding expectations and overall passenger satisfaction increasing, and GAL holding its […]

  • Expired: Report on surface access to UK airports

    We have been carrying out a review of market conditions on surface access to UK airports to better understand how the sector is operating and how that affects consumers. The review focused primarily on road-based access to airports, including transport-providers’ access to the airport forecourt. Today we published our final report on airport surface access, […]

  • Expired: Consumer Panel annual report 2016

    The CAA Consumer Panel helps us to deliver regulation that positively promotes the interests of consumers. The Consumer Panel’s fourth annual report has now been published. It sets out their views on a wide range of issues including the CAA’s Strategic plan, regulation of airport charges at Heathrow, complaints and alternative dispute resolution, surface access to airports, […]

  • Expired: Updated standards for offshore helicopter landing areas

    The 8th edition of CAP 437 Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas includes: * New topics including a risk assessment for helicopter operations to helidecks in the UKCS which are sub-1D and criteria for parking areas. * A comprehensive update on the section related to helideck surface, including new friction requirements for flat helidecks with micro-texture finishes […]

  • Expired: Consultation on outcome-based regulation at Heathrow

    This consultation sets out our latest thinking on how regulation of the quality of airport operation services provided by HAL can be improved by strengthening the link with consumer preferences and priorities. We would like the regulatory regime to be responsive to the outcomes that consumers value. Developing the current output-based approach to service quality […]

  • Expired: Electronic devices in seat mechanism fire hazard

    Recently there have been a small number of incidents of phones and tablets catching fire on board aircraft worldwide. Causes included crushing in the aircraft seat mechanism. Operators of aircraft with seats featuring electrical or mechanical means of adjusting position should consider briefing passengers to take care of their personal electronic devices. Passengers should also be […]

  • Expired: Statement of objections to East Midlands Airport

    Today we issued a formal statement of objections to East Midlands International Airport Ltd (EMIA), its parent company the Manchester Airports Group Plc, and Prestige Parking Ltd. This is following an investigation into a suspected breach of competition law. SW2016/180

  • Expired: Revised form for proposing airspace design activity

    We recently introduced a revised DAP 1916 form (Notification of Proposed Design Activity) to ensure that it covers all areas of the AIP for which the CAA’s Airspace Regulation section will be responsible for approving. DAP 1916 allows individuals and organisations to initiate the process of obtaining regulatory approval for proposed instrument flight procedure design activity. […]

  • Expired: Improved environmental complaints form

    We are required to provide a way to submit aircraft related environmental complaints from the general public, which we do via our recently updated airspace use form (FCS 1521). This new version of FCS 1521 provides a more robust and universally compatible solution, and addresses viewing/submission difficulties some users were having. SW2016/178

  • Expired: Drone safety targeted by new initiative

    In partnership with NATS, we have launched a new website, and revised Dronecode. The wider initiative, which looks at establishing a safe and responsible attitude toward drone usage to protect the safety and opportunities of the aviation industry and wider sectors, also includes our 400ft Britain drone photography and videography competition. SW2016/177

  • Expired: Wales and England airspace restrictions, 28-30 October

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Wales Rally GB at various locations in Wales and England on 28, 29 and 30 October 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M079/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones.

  • Expired: EASA Developments – 9 August-17 November 2016

    We have provided details of EASA developments and related CAA activities, covering the period 9 August to 16 November 2016. See IN-2016/099 for more information: SW 2016/1766

  • Expired: Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2017/18

    We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2017/18. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 9 February 2017. SW2016/175

  • Expired: Emergency flying restriction, Portsmouth

    An Emergency Restriction of Flying (ERF) is in place over Portsmouth Harbour following the discovery of an un-exploded WWII bomb. Precise details below: Lateral Limits – a circle radius 1 nautical mile, centred on position 504851N 0010723W; Vertical Limits – surface to 2500 feet above mean sea level. The ERF is estimated to be finished […]

  • Expired: Airprox Board monthly report, October

    The UK Airprox Board October 2016 Director’s summary focuses on Airprox issues connected with electronic conspicuity, overflying glider sites, operating in poor weather, and pilot inaction.

  • Expired: Changes to SID/STAR phraseology

    Airspace users should be aware of changes to SID and STAR phraseology. These will be used overseas from 10 November 2016, but won’t be implemented in the UK until late in 2017. For more information, see our new information notice. SW2016/173