Notification of Jamming Trial – MOD West Freugh, 10 January – 4 February 2022

Activity impacting GNSS and licence exempt frequencies, impacting RPAS and electronic situational awareness devices will affect areas around Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.

Jammers will be located within 3 miles of 545021N 0045550W. Activity expected 0830-1600 daily.

GNSS (L1 & L2):
70m AMSL and below – Up to 22NM (Radius)
5000ft AMSL and below – Up to 27NM
40,000ft AMSL and below – Up to 49NM

Licence exempt frequencies (includes 433, 868, 915, 2400 and 5800 MHz):
Up to 40NM at an altitude of 400ft AGL.

Impact may exceed maximum altitude listed.

Further information:
Cease jamming: 01776 888932 / 930