Kemble CAS(T) Airspace Trial: 22 February 2020

On 22 February 2020, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will establish Controlled Airspace (Temporary) (CAS(T)) for a flight operating from Kemble Aerodrome (EGBP).

Whilst CAS(T) has been established at Kemble in the past, the CAS(T) structure has been redesigned to help minimise the impact on other airspace users. This new design will be trialled this weekend.

The airspace comprises one CTR and two CTAs to allow the flight from Kemble to join controlled airspace. The airspace will be notified as Class D by NOTAM B0345/20, B0346/20 and B0350/20.

The rules for flight in this CAS(T) are the same as for permanent Class D airspace. A clearance to enter is required from the controlling authority, in this case RAF Brize Norton ATSU, therefore pilots must remain outside controlled airspace until a clearance to enter has been issued.

The introduction of this CAS(T) has been exempt from the Airspace Change Process as set out in CAP1616.