Jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS): 9 – 20 November, Wales and SW England

Activity may affect GNSS navigation and precision timing devices including electronic situational awareness devices and UAV’s (drones)

Jamming activity within 5KM of N52° 00’ 53”, W003° 38’ 31” (Sennybridge)

Low Power jamming will take place between 0900-1600 UTC and may impact GNSS signals up to and above 40,000FT AMSL within 63NM

Systems relying on GNSS reception may suffer intermittent or total failure.

Further information see AIP Briefing Note (linked via the heading NOTIFICATION OF GNSS JAMMING TRIALS under News) on the NATS AIS homepage or contact spectrum@caa.co.uk

Emergency cease jamming: 01874 635599