Jamming trial date change: Salisbury Plain and New Forest

Jamming activity affecting airspace in and around Salisbury Plain and the New Forest will now be finishing at night fall on Monday 14 September.

The activity may affect some electronic situational awareness devices and UAV systems operating on 433MHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. Jamming may impact systems up to 1000FT AMSL within a geographical area bounded by the locations below:

  • 51°14’18N, 2°11’15W (Warminster)
  • 51°24’33N, 1°43’49W (Marlborough)
  • 51°3’42N, 1°19’12W (Winchester)
  • 50°50’55N, 1°47’19W (Ringwood)

During the trials impacted systems may suffer intermittent or total failure. Individual events will not exceed 2 minutes duration.

For further information contact spectrum@caa.co.uk

Emergency cease jamming contact: 01980 955597, 01980 953010, 01380 813251