Instructors providing training within the scope of their privileges

There have been several instances where instructors have conducted training for which they do not have the instructor privileges stated in “XII – Ratings, Certificates and Privileges” page of their licence.

This is especially prevalent with Instructors who hold a “LAPL only” remark endorsed on their Flight Instructor certificate. FIs with this endorsement are reminded that they cannot provide instruction towards the PPL.

If training is conducted by a FI who is not appropriately qualified, and the UK CAA is to be the State of Licence issue, this will result in the rejection of the candidate’s application and in some cases requiring them to redo the required flight training.

While it is accepted that there are similarities between the LAPL and PPL syllabi, applicants who have commenced a LAPL course must first complete this course and Skill Test before commencing a course for the PPL.

Additionally, FI with “LAPL only” limitations should not supervise students undertaking a PPL course for their solo flights. FI who apply to have the supervisor limitation removed who have supervised PPL solo flight will not be accepted.