Follow up to CAA EU Exit Webinar: General Aviation

Thank you for attending the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s EU Exit webinar for the General Aviation sector. We hope you found the webinar useful and you were able to take away information that will help your organisation prepare for the end of the transition period.

For those unable to attend, you can watch the webinar on our YouTube channel here. Please also visit our microsite for more information relating to the UK/EU future relationship and a Q&A following the sessions.

If you are interested in how the general aviation community will be affected after the UK leaves EASA then you may be interested in UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA – a consultation.  The consultation provides an opportunity to share your views on the direction of future regulation and shape how we work more effectively with you and the UK General Aviation community. The consultation can be completed here and closes at 2359 on the 18 December 2020.

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