Alerts: Offshore helicopters

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Expired: Notification of jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS) 05th – 09th April 2021 near Spadeadam, Cumbria

Jamming activity will take place between the 05th – 09th April 2021 (0900-1700) affecting airspace around Spadeadam, Cumbria Jamming equipment will be located near to N55° 03.1’ W002° 33.3. Activity may affect GNSS equipment within 30NM (all directions) up to and above 40,000FT AMSL. During the trials impacted systems may suffer intermittent or total failure. […]

Notification of jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS) 22 – 31 March 2021

Jamming activity will take place between the 22 and 31 March 2021 Jamming equipment will be located within a 250m radius of 520828N 0043415W.  Activity may affect GNSS equipment within a range of distances as specified in the associated AIP Briefing Note.  During the trials impacted systems may suffer intermittent or total failure.  An associated […]

Expired: Survey for aviation sponsors who engage with CAA Airspace Regulation Operations

As part of our work the CAA provides a number of notifications, permission, restriction and exemption services. We are looking to improve the service we provide to sponsors of applications. If you have engaged with this service, we would really appreciate your input. We have put together a short online survey – it should take […]

CAA 2021/22 Statutory Schemes of Charges

We have published today under CAA UK Official Record Series 5 our revised 13 Schemes of Charges that will be legally implemented with effect from 1 April 2021. The current 13 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31 March 2021. Following the waiving of the proposed charge increase in 2020/21, the CAA […]

UK to revert to previous rules for Visibility and Distance from Cloud Minima for flying in visual meteorological conditions

From 20 May 2021, the UK will revert to the rules on flight visibility and distance from cloud in class D airspace that existed up to 26 March 2020.  The changes to the visual meteorological conditions (VMC) minima will apply to aircraft flying within the UK in class D airspace provided that they are flying […]

New aviation reporting portal

The aviation reporting portal relaunched for the UK on 5 January 2021. At this time UK reporters do not need to register for an account to submit MOR reports to the UK CAA and those wishing to use this portal should do so by selecting the ‘report an occurrence without registration’ option. The UK working […]

EU Transition: Microsite Updated

The CAA’s dedicated microsite for the UK-EU transition has been updated to reflect the regulatory changes that will take place for commercial entities at 23:00 this evening, 31 December 2020, as the EU transition period ends. Where significant changes have been made, these are marked “UPDATE” on the relevant question.   The CAA will continue […]

UK-EU trade agreement

EU Exit: the UK and EU have reached agreement over future trading relationships, including those involving aviation. We are studying the detail of the agreements relating to air transport and aviation safety and will update relevant pages of the UK-EU transition microsite as information becomes clearer about how the new arrangements will work in practice. […]

Enquiry into the Risk of Cognitive Impairment Due to G Forces

We have published our review into whether or not there is a risk to civil aviation safety from cognitive impairment in pilots experiencing low level G forces at levels, and for durations, likely to be experienced in commercial and recreational, civil air operations. It is available at

Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) Edition 23 Amendment 1

Radiotelephony Manual (CAP 413) Edition 23 Amendment 1 was published today (26 November 2020) as a future edition, effective 21 January 2021. This is a routine periodic update which includes changes relating to: ICAO PANS ATM Amendment 8 –  partial changes from the use of the term ‘radar’ to ‘ATS Surveillance Systems’ Editorial amendments to circuit procedures […]

Expired: Statutory charges FY21/22: Consultation

Our Statutory charges FY21/22 consultation has now been published and explains our proposals for revisions to the existing CAA Charges Schemes, due to take effect from 1 April 2021. We look forward to receiving feedback on these proposals, in particular from those we regulate. We welcome comments on all aspects of the proposals, including the charges structure […]

CAP1428 – Impacts of space weather on aviation

CAP1428 has been revised to include details relating to ICAO Space Weather Advisories and Met Office Space Weather Products and Services. The updates also provide guidance on Safety Risk Assessments for industry when considering the threat of a severe space weather event.

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 136

Air Transport FEEDBACK 136 was produced during the COVID-19 summer period, which saw a reduction in reporting to CHIRP as a result of decreased flying rates.  Operating under stress because of redundancy fears was one of the frequently reported issues, and this is mentioned in two of the articles, one about flying and one about […]

Expired: Jamming trial impacting GNSS (GPS): 12 – 16 Oct, Scottish West Coast

Jamming activity will take place 12 -16 October (inclusive) affecting airspace in and around the Scottish West Coast near the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides. The activity may affect GNSS based navigation and timing devices.  Jamming may impact systems up to 40,000FT AMSL within a radius of up to 90NM of N 57° […]

CAA charge proposal delay

The CAA recognises the enormous impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the aviation and aerospace industries. For this reason, we delayed the increase to our scheme of charges for an initial period of three months to 30 June 2020 and a further 3 months to 30 Sep 2020. Having reviewed this decision in […]

Validity dates for people using the ORS4 licensing Exemptions

If you have used one of the ORS4 licensing exemptions (1409, 1410, 1411 and 1412) please note that when revalidating the rating/class by proficiency check or check with instructor, the expiry date will be 12 months or 24 months (dependent on the rating/class) from the month when the check was taken. ORS4 extensions of validity […]

Ending of Certain Licensing and Medical Exemptions During November and December 2020

The CAA recognises the significant and sudden impact that Covid-19 has had on the UK General Aviation (GA) sector during 2020.  To support the sector through this most challenging period, the CAA has provided a suite of temporary alleviation exemptions to provide maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining safety assurance to support organisations, operators, pilots and students. […]

COVID-19 – Ending of licensing exemptions, 22 November 2020

We have been working closely with the industry during the initial phase of COVID-19 to help aviation’s continuing operations and recovery. The initial set of COVID licence exemptions, that included extending licence validity dates, expire on 22 November 2020. Industry and licence holders are asked to make sure they will then comply with the standard […]

Important Changes to Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 for approvals under Subpart G of Annex I (Part-M)

Regulation (EU) 2020/270 amended Regulation (EU) 1321/2014 and introduced important changes to organisations approved under Subpart G of Annex I (Part-M). This Skywise has been raised to highlight some of those changes: The competent authority will not issue a new Part-MG approval after 24 September 2020. Variations to existing Part-MG approvals can still be made […]

Expired: English Channel Temporary Danger Area Complex – State Requirement

Due to a state requirement, the CAA have been required to implement new Temporary Danger Area (TDA) complex over the English Channel between 31 August and 30 September 2020. This complex replaces the previously notified areas. The Temporary Danger Areas will be utilised by Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight. […]

COVID-19 – Performance Based Navigation additional guidance

Any pilots seeking to achieve or maintain PBN privileges endorsed within their Instrument Rating, or examiners conducting such proficiency checks, are asked to continue to follow the process set out in our Information Notices 2017/026 and 2017/034. The exemption to extend the deadline for IR holders to achieve Performance Based Navigation (PBN) privileges to 25 […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 135

Air Transport FEEDBACK 135 covers a wide-ranging set of issues that were reported to CHIRP prior to the COVID-19 lockdown period. There are still many relevant lessons and topics of interest within that will be applicable as aviation starts its recovery to historic levels of activity. Topics include the effectiveness of reporting processes; fatigue in […]

New edition of CAP 746 – Requirements for meteorological observations at aerodromes

A new edition of CAP 746, which contains the requirements for meteorological observations at aerodromes, has been published. The main changes to its content are: > Changes resulting from the introduction of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373> Additional information concerning AUTO METAR> Addition of guidance on achieving Basic Meteorological Observing competency.

CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual

Supplementary Instruction (SI) 02/2020 to CAP 413 Radiotelephony Manual ED 23 (Corr) was published on 14 July 2020, effective 10 September 2020. The advent of performance-based navigation (PBN) is having a major impact on all aspects of the aviation industry, with PBN routes and procedures being introduced more widely. As part of a continuing effort to […]

CAA charge proposal delay

The CAA recognises the enormous impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the aviation and aerospace industries. For this reason, we delayed the increase to our scheme of charges for an initial period of three months, to 30 June 2020. Having reviewed this decision in light of the ongoing challenges faced by the sector, […]

Amendments to the Aircrew Regulation (EU) 2011/1178

All training providers and applicants need to be aware of changes to the Aircrew regulation that comes into effect on 22 June 2020, affecting the acceptance of Third Country ICAO licences and certificates. CAP 1939 provides a summary of the main changes and can be downloaded from the CAA website.

Recommencement of CPL and IR tests

The CAA is now recommencing the designation of examiners for Commercial Pilot License (CPL) and Instrument Rating (IR) tests. Authorised Training Organisations (ATO) may contact CAA Flight Test Bookings to arrange dates and allocations of appropriate examiners. Before a test date is confirmed the allocated examiner will be completing a COVID-19 focussed risk assessment and […]

Radiotelephony Manual (CAP413): Revised edition

A new edition of CAP413 has been published today (8 June 2020) with an effective date of 17 August 2020. Edition 23 Corr (dated 8 June 2020), replaces Edition 23 (published 9 April 2020) in its entirety.

COVID-19 – Continuation training and human factor refresher training

Part 21, Part M, Part 145 and Part 147 organisations should look to carry out continuation training and human factor refresher training via online methods, in line with CAP 1742 due to COVID-19. CAP 1742 is available to download from the CAA website. SW2020/118

New number for Airspace Regulation Operations

The contact telephone number for Airspace Regulation Operations (AR Ops) and Airspace Regulation (Utilisation) (AR(U)) has changed to 01293 983 880. AR Ops and AR(U) can be contacted for the purposes of, but not limited to, notification and coordination of Unusual Aerial Activity and promulgation of NOTAMs. See UK AIP ENR 1 for references to […]

Payment Plan for Annual Charges

We are constantly looking at ways to support the aviation sector in these unprecedented times. Our funding principles are underpinned by statute and legal obligation so we have not been able to waive any charges and are still required to issue invoices. But we are now able offer a payment plan to cover 2020/2021 annual […]

COVID-19 – Exemption from the requirement for rigid outer packaging of biological substances, Category B, UN3373 samples

The CAA has published the following exemption to support the industry through the COVID-19 outbreak. The replaces ORS4 No 1372. Exemption from the requirement for rigid outer packaging for biological substances, Category B, UN3373 samples (ORS4 No 1391) Further information regarding COVID-19 is available on the CAA website.

COVID-19 – Recency Exemption for Commercial Air Transport Line Training

The CAA has published the following exemption to support the industry through the COVID-19 outbreak: COVID-19 Outbreak: Recency Exemption for Line Training Personnel involved in Supervision of Line Flying – Commercial Air Transport Only (ORS4 No. 1390) This exemption is to assist an operator return aircrew to recency by using TRIs or TREs or line […]

Part-CAMO application process

Following the introduction of Part CAMO under regulation EU 2019/1383 we have published guidance for all current Subpart G Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations about the transition process to Part CAMO. This information will help organisations and personnel involved in managing complex motor-powered aircraft and Licenced Air Carriers to transition to the new requirements. Please see […]

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 134

Air Transport FEEDBACK 134 is the first edition from our new Director Aviation, Steve Forward.  It contains reports about the handling of fuel priority calls; the importance of awareness of Minimum Safe Altitude versus Transition Level; fatigue management; go-arounds due to birds; unsafe engineering practices; and managing the long-term storage of aircraft.   These and many […]

Solent corridor temporary danger area for unmanned aircraft operations

From 1 May 2020 through to 31 July 2020, a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) will be operating out of Lee-on-Solent aerodrome to carry out trials and delivery flights to the Isle of Wight for the purposes of a government led COVID-19 response plan. As it will be operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight and […]

COVID-19 – Non Destructive Testing (NDT) re-qualification

The National Aerospace NDT Board Forum EU members, EASA, and the CAA have agreed to a temporary extension scheme for people with approvals that expire between March and June. For details see the British Institute of Non Destructive Testing (BINDT) website (documents AD014 and AD01_frm_A) The BINDT website also has guidance for PCN-Aero users. SW2020/091

COVID 19 – Changes to MET forecasts

The Met Office is currently prioritising activities so that it can continue to carry out urgent governmental work. To support the Met Office and in light of current restrictions on General Aviation, the CAA has sanctioned changes including: A suspension of GAMETs, Gatwick Take Off Forecasts, and aerodrome warnings for General Aviation airfields, and 9 […]