Alerts: Airport security

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Consultation on CAA charges

We’re consulting on proposed amendments to our statutory charges, due to take effect from 1 April 2020. The online consultation will close on 7 February 2020.

Flying Display Director Accreditation – 2020

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) have developed a joint Flying Display Director (FDD) accreditation course for both civilian and military flying displays. To obtain or revalidate their FDD accreditation, applicants are required to demonstrate their experience in a number of competences and attend an FDD accreditation course. For 2020 […]

CAA Cyber security oversight process for aviation

CAP1753 has been published and details the CAA’s cyber security oversight process for aviation. This document provides the basis for all cyber security oversight activity by the CAA and includes detail of good cyber security practice against four key objectives. CAP 1753 is available for download from the CAA website. SW2019/190

Gatwick office becomes the official CAA Headquarters

Following the relocation of our central London office from Holborn to Canary Wharf, our official corporate headquarters is now Aviation House located just outside of Gatwick Airport. The official registered address is Aviation House, Beehive Ring Road, Crawley, West Sussex RH6 0YR. More information is available on our website.

Update to EU exit information – Airlines and AOC holders

We have updated our EU exit microsite for colleagues working in aviation security. This is to inform them of details of the UK-ACC3 in-bound cargo scheme. To access the update, please visit our Airlines and AOC holders page. SW2019/068

Update to EU exit information – Occurrence Reporting

We have created a new tab on occurrence reporting on our website in the event of a non-negotiated EU exit. Organisations that are required to provide mandatory occurrence reports should read this page. SW2019/061  

CAA 2019/20 Statutory Schemes of Charges

We have published today under CAA UK Official Record Series 5 our revised 13 Schemes of Charges that will be legally implemented with effect from 1 April 2019. The current 13 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31 March 2019. SW2019/053

Update to EU exit information – Airlines and AOC holders

We have updated the information on our microsite concerning airlines and AOC holders in the event of a non-negotiated EU exit. This information relates to the Department for Transport’s policy statement on air services from the EU to the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The Government’s full policy statement can be found […]