AME guidance for GA Pilots

While we understand that many pilots are currently unable to fly due to COVID-19 restrictions we aim to continue to release safety education and awareness material to support the GA community with the future return to flying and continue to help promote longer-term safety awareness.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of the re-imposition of a national COVID lockdown in England, the CAA COVID webpage has been updated, providing a link to the latest GOV.UK guidance for GA pilots. In addition, the CAA has updated  its advice to GA pilots on making appointments with Aviation Medical Examiners. 

Medical examinations with an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) should only take place where there is an urgent need for a pilot to renew their medical certificate (for instance, if the pilot needs to continue flying for the purposes of work), and there are no alternative options available. 

For example, pilots may be able to maintain their medical currency using other mechanisms such as Pilot Medical Declarations (if they meet the required criteria), or through the extension of their current medical certificate under relevant Exemptions issued for that purpose by the CAA.

Please review the UK CAA COVID-19 webpages for further updates.

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