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  • New guidance for space licence applicants

    The CAA has published new guidance to support launch, range and spaceport licence applicants in developing a training manual (CAP2259C), safety operations manual (CAP2259B) and launch operator safety case (CAP2259A). Please see the CAA website for more information. SW2021/259

  • UK Civil Aviation Authority launch Active Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Trial

    Today we are launching registration for our active carbon monoxide (CO) detector general aviation  (GA) trial. Registration is open to any member of the UK GA community who flies with an active CO detector and is willing to commit to completing a short monthly survey, every month, over the next 12 months. SW2021/258

  • The Regulation UK (EU) 2017/373 and 2015/340 SRG 1430 change notification form has been amended and Issue 5 is now published on the CAA web site

    The SRG 1430 form and its attach guidance notes are amended to: Reference UK regulations. Allow Interoperability documents related to a notified change to be provided post notification when any impact is determined. Allow more flexibility on the development of cyber risk assessments at the time of change notification and provide e mail address for […]

  • Non-Part 21 Amateur-Built Balloon and Airship Operational Limitations

    Over the past six years, the CAA has noted a significant increase in the number of amateur-built balloons on the UK register and there are now several large envelopes, capable of carrying at least four people. Unlike other amateur-built types capable of carrying multiple people, amateur-built balloons and airships are not currently regulated with respect […]

  • Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Leicester Aerodrome, 25 – 26 September – CANCELLED

    As of 21/09 this event has been cancelled. Restriction of Flying Regulations for an AERO CLUB RACE at Leicester Aerodrome on 25th and 26th September 2021. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M070/2021 at  Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones. SW2021/254

  • Restricted Airspace (Temporary) Alerts

    After considering feedback, from today (20 September) any SkyWise alerts for temporary restricted airspace will only be sent to the category ‘Airspace alerts’. Any restrictions including the use of drones will also be sent to the category ‘drones’. To continue receiving these alerts, please ensure that you are subscribed to the ‘Airspace Alerts’ and/or ‘Drones’ […]

  • CAP 2248: Carriage of Dangerous Goods by RPAS

    The CAA Innovation Hub has published CAP 2248, which provides guidance to RPAS operators on the requirements and application process to gain approval from the CAA to carry dangerous goods in the UK, including a case study on dangerous goods related to COVID-19 relief efforts. The CAA is currently refining its approach for assessing dangerous […]

  • Safety Events

    GAsCo Regional Safety Officers provide information on how to avoid having an airspace infringement on Monday 20 September at 19:00. An hour and a half of information, tips, suggestions and quizzes. A perfect refresher to prepare for when COVID-19 restrictions can be lifted. Register now for free: Airspace Infringement Avoidance Webinar Join Matt Lane, recent […]

  • CAA launch autumn Virtual Voyage 2021 General Aviation Summit

    Please join us for Virtual Voyage 2021 General Aviation Summit, brought to you by the UK Civil Aviation Authority on 6, 7 and 11 October 2021. Here are full details of event dates, times and live Q&A details. SW2021/246

  • Expired: Restricted Airspace (Temporary) – Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire, 17 – 19 September

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow at Duxford Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire on 17,18 and 19 September 2021. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M072/2021 at Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones SW2021/245

  • CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK Edition 89

    GA FEEDBACK 89 includes a number of topics that will have relevance to the GA community as we return to flying over the summer period.  Having suffered from an extended period of not flying due to COVID-19 restrictions, the key messages are to take care to follow procedures and check lists properly, beware task-fixation and […]

  • Sir Stephen attends LAA Rally

    To mark the attendance of Sir Stephen Hillier, Chair of the CAA at the LAA Rally last Friday, please read his latest blog. My visit to the LAA Rally | UK Civil Aviation Authority ( SW2021/241

  • CHIRP Drone/UAS FEEDBACK Edition 2

    Drone/UAS FEEDBACK – Edition 2. As many of you will know, CHIRP is developing a confidential reporting programme for Human Factors “HF” and Just Culture occurrences arising from the operation of Drones, UAS or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The aim is for what are, in some cases, relatively new members to the world of […]

  • Extension of Part M Subpart G approval validity

    Exemption E5500 (Official Record Series 4, No.1499) was introduced to assist organisations transitioning from a Part-MG approval to a Part-CAMO approval. It applies to the holders of Subpart G approvals once an application has been submitted to the CAA for an approval certificate in accordance with the requirements of Annex Vc (Part-CAMO) by 24th September […]

  • CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 139

    Air Transport FEEDBACK 139 includes comments on themes from recent reports to CHIRP, many of which have focused on company/workforce relations, culture and trust.  Also mentioned is the need to make sure that recent publications that have been issued when many people and/or departments have been furloughed are properly understood and incorporated in return to […]

  • CHIRP Cabin Crew FEEDBACK Edition 74

    This edition focuses on crew returning to flying during the pandemic, it’s important to start focusing back on the role, refamiliarise yourself. Crew understandably may be feeling nervous or apprehensive about returning to flying. It is therefore important that you prepare for this and refresh your knowledge before returning. CHIRP Cabin Crew FEEDBACK edition 74 […]

  • Infringement narrative: Manchester Low Level Route procedures

    The Manchester Low-level Route (LLR) procedures in the UK AIP at EGCC AD 2.22.7 are being revised effective with AIRAC 9/2021 on 9 September 2021 so the Northwest LAIT has updated narrative number 2 to help pilots understand the changes and requirements of the LLR use. SW2021/235

  • Definition of Category D for Minimum Standards for Noise Modelling

    The CAA has published its decision on defining Category D for our Minimum Noise Modelling Requirements. This follows its consultation on this issue which was published in January 2021. This document should be read in conjunction with the consultation document and our interim assessment of the consultation responses to CAP 1875, and our Policy on […]