Using a VFR Moving Map in hot weather?

Will the screen be visible in bright light?
Will the device overheat in the sun?
Have a back-up plan in place that works for you.

Last summer we had reports of tablets and mobiles overheating in the cockpit and shutting down, leading to a rise in Airspace Infringements. The hot weather is back, so make sure you have a back-up plan in place that works for you in case you lose your VFR moving map in flight.

A second electronic device may also fail so:
> Be prepared to orbit/hold in your position to assess the situation or fly away from controlled airspace before trying any equipment resets.
> Carry a chart that is marked-up with your route.
> Carry a printed PLOG.
> Be aware of turbulence and thermals that add to the challenges of level flight.
> Are you planning to TAKE 2? Maybe that needs to be increased when possible.
> Have your radio set to a relevant ATC frequency and call for navigational assistance if you are unsure of your exact location.

ATC is there to help. If in doubt call D&D on 121.500 MHZ (callsign London Centre).