Update: Access to Government Aerodromes Aeronautical Information

This notification updates the information sent on 12 March 2018 as SW2018/038.

The CAA has been in dialogue with the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) regarding open access to all users wishing to acquire aeronautical information relating to government aerodromes.
Resulting from these discussions the MAA has now made available for download, free of charge, the latest version of the UK Military Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

This can be accessed at: https://www.aidu.mod.uk/Milflip/milAipLink.php. Please, note that no ”New User” sign up is necessary.

Please be aware that the CAA and MAA are currently in the process of reviewing the civil and military AIP to ensure the quality and consistency of the provided information. Once this activity is completed, the MIL AIP will be referenced on the NATS AIS portal as part of the State IAIP.