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    Restriction of Flying Regulations for flying display at Old Warden Aerodrome on 18 May 2019. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M019/2019 here.  Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones SW2019/089

  • Frequency Monitoring Codes: Updated squawk guidance

    Updated Frequency Monitoring Code/Squawk guidance from the Airspace Infringement Working Group has been published on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website. This new content covers the who, what, why and how – along with a downloadable Frequency Monitoring Code area map and squawk code/frequency card.

  • Acceptance of training at a registered training facility after 8 April 2019

    All pilots and student pilots are reminded that since 8 April 2019 Registered Training Facilities (RTFs) cease to be valid entity for training. All NEW and FURTHER pilot training towards any EASA licence and associated ratings* training courses, including Theoretical Knowledge (TK), delivered by an RTF AFTER 8 April 2019 will not be recognised by […]

  • UK Drone Registration Scheme

    A consultation is now open, until 7 June 2019, on the proposed charge for the new UK drone operator registration scheme. This will become law at the end of November 2019. You can view the consultation at SW2019/086

  • CHIRP Air Transport feedback Edition 130

    In the latest issue of CHIRP (confidential and independent reporting): Exhaust fumes entering a helicopter cabin on start-up R/T calls to helicopters in critical stages of flight The priorities afforded to medical flights Training v Familiarisation Captains flying as First Officers Open reporting cultures The reporting of CPDLC status Apparent landings below approach minima Possible loss of separation […]

  • UK Airprox Board monthly review – April 2019

    The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) has published its latest monthly review which focuses in detail on one particular airprox incident, to ensure that lessons can be learnt by pilots and air traffic controllers for the benefit of air safety in the future. SW2019/084

  • Airspace infringements: March figures and pre-flight planning

    A breakdown of reported infringements in March is now available on the Airspace & Safety Iniative website: Updated resources on preparing R/T transmissions for transit and flying within an ATZ have also been added under Pre-flight planning:

  • SERA VMC Minima Consultation

    The CAA is consulting on changes to VMC minima in class D airspace and the means to best mitigate these. We are proposing changes to Special VFR procedures in order to support UK compliance with SERA.5001. The change will mean that SERA.5001 will be adopted in full. The consultation provides more details of the proposed changes […]

  • Granting Permission for SUA operating in FRZs

    Guidance for Aerodrome Operators of protected aerodromes to more fully inform decisions to grant or deny permission for small unmanned aircraft to operate within their Flight Restriction Zones (FRZs) has now been published: CAP1788 SUA Permission Guidance SW2019/081

  • Summer 2019 English Channel airspace restrictions

    Between 2 May and 30 August 2019 a number of airspace restrictions and a temporary danger area will be put in place over the English Channel to accommodate a large Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) conducting atmospheric research. Please visit our news alert for more information. SW2019/080

  • OJTI, STDI and Assessor Revalidation period

    Revalidation of Air Traffic Control licence endorsements The phased transition to EU2015/340 licences was completed at the end of 2016. On-the-job training instructor (OJTI), Synthetic training device instructor (STDI) and Assessor licence endorsements are valid for 36 months. Revalidation can be completed up to 90 days prior to the expiry date. Licence holders must submit […]

  • Birmingham Airport VFR Pilot Guide

    Birmingham Airport Air Traffic has created a dedicated website to help pilots identify the visual reference points (VRPs) around its airspace and help reduce airspace infringements. The website includes information on VRPs and guidance on how to fly safely near controlled airspace. We’ve added a link to this resource on under Pre-flight planning: Birmingham […]

  • The Display Season 19 Post-Season Symposium

    The Display Season 19 Post-Season Symposium will be held on 12 & 13 November 2019 at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham. Closing date for applications 25 October 2019. Military personnel can apply through the MAA website, and civilian personnel can apply through the CAA website. Pre season Symposium DS19 Slides are on the CAA/GAU Website. SW2019/075

  • Consultation: Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel – Training & Competence

    A new publication for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), Training Organisations and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) is now available for comment. It aims to help interpret Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 Annex XIII pertaining to ATSEP training and competence assessments, including United Kingdom requirements for limited certificate holder ANSPs. We welcome a review […]

  • Airspace infringements: February figures and controller’s stories

    February saw 78 reported airspace infringements. A breakdown of figures is now available: Airspace & Safety Initiative – Facts, stats and incidents NATS have published the first in a series of controller’s stories. Amanda Rhodes, NATS air traffic controller at Swanwick Centre, talks about her experience with airspace infringements: Airspace Infringement Series: A controller’s story  

  • Further consultation on Heathrow expansion

    This consultation follows on from the consultations that we published on the regulatory framework to support capacity expansion at Heathrow airport in January, June and December 2017 and April and October 2018. It consults further on the development of the regulatory framework in the areas of financeability, capital efficiency incentives, a proposed licence condition on […]

  • Update to EU exit information – Airlines and AOC holders

    We have updated our EU exit microsite for colleagues working in aviation security. This is to inform them of details of the UK-ACC3 in-bound cargo scheme. To access the update, please visit our Airlines and AOC holders page. SW2019/068

  • DJI Matrice 210 series drone

    The CAA has received six Mandatory Occurrence Reports in the last three months affecting the DJI Matrice 210 series drone. The reports have indicated that on each occasion the DJI M210 has malfunctioned resulting in rapid uncontrolled descent and consequent damage to the airframe upon impact with the ground. Reports suggest the issue may lie […]

  • The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations

    The fifth edition, amendment 13 March 2019 of CAP 393 The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations has been published. Amendments to the Air Navigation Order are shown as explained in para 1.4 of the foreword. SW2019/066


    The Red Arrows display at RAF Coningsby on 22 March 2019 has been cancelled and therefore there will be not be restricted airspace because of this. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. SW2019/065


    Restriction of Flying Regulations for a Red Arrows flying display rehearsal at RAF Linton-On-Ouse, North Yorkshire on 1 or 2 April 2019. Details by NOTAM at  Restrictions also apply to the operation of all Drones.

  • CHIRP Cabin Crew feedback Edition 68

    We have received numerous reports of events that should have been questioned or raised with the senior cabin crew member or Captain, on the day. However, they were not reported at the time and only reported afterwards. Three of the reports included in this edition of Feedback highlight the importance of raising concerns at the time. […]

  • Update to EU exit information – Occurrence Reporting

    We have created a new tab on occurrence reporting on our website in the event of a non-negotiated EU exit. Organisations that are required to provide mandatory occurrence reports should read this page. SW2019/061  

  • Helicopter Safety Seminar

    The CAA is holding another helicopter safety seminar in collaboration with the British Helicopter Association (BHA) at The Stafford Cripps Building, Cranfield University  on 8 May 2019. The seminar will run from 10:00-16:00 with a light lunch provided. The event will include presentations on UAV and UTM, the CAA Onshore Safety Review, AAIB, and P […]

  • Update to EU exit information – CAMOs

    We have updated the information on our website concerning continued airworthiness management organisations in the event of a non-negotiated EU exit. This is to highlight the introduction of the CAA Form 1 post EU exit. Please visit the Continued Airworthiness Management Organisations page for more information. SW2019/059