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  • Expired: CAA statement on Norwegian helicopter accident

    “Our thoughts are with those affected by the tragic accident in Norway. “Following the accident the UK CAA has issued an instruction to stop any commercial passenger flights by UK operators flying the Airbus EC225LP helicopter. This mirrors action taken by the Norwegian CAA. The restriction does not apply to search and rescue flights. “The […]

  • Urgent: Expired: SE England presidential visit restrictions, 21 to 24 April

    Restriction of Flying Regulations between 21 and 24 April 2016 (inclusive) in Essex, London and Windsor as part of the arrangements for the visit to the UK by The President of the United States of America. Details by NOTAM and on the NATS website.

  • Expired: PBN enhanced route-spacing guidance

    As part of implementing the UK’s Future Airspace Strategy, our new publication describes a loss of separation risk modelling approach to establishing performance-based navigation (PBN) route spacing.

  • Urgent: Expired: Final report from Civil Air Display Review

    Today we published the final report from our Civil Air Display Review, confirming a series of measures aimed at making UK civil air displays even safer. It builds on our action report, which included measures like enhanced risk assessments for displays and strengthening requirements for training, those overseeing displays, and display pilots. In addition to those, the final report […]

  • Expired: Solent CTA RoCSA Decision

    The CAA has approved the FAS VFR Implementation Group’s proposals to disestablish a portion of controlled airspace within the Solent Control Area (CTA), in accordance with the CAA’s policy for the Release of Controlled and Segregated Airspace.  The proposals, which will see the base level of CTA-6 raised to 3,000 feet above mean sea level […]

  • Expired: Aerial survey Wales ACN issued

    An ACN has been issued to cover a small-scale aerial survey of south Wales requiring access to Danger Areas and Controlled Airspace.

  • Expired: Lands End ACP decision

    We have recently published our decision relating to the Lands End Airspace Change Proposal.  A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it, can be found on our airspace change pages.

  • Expired: Burbo Bank ACP decision

    We have now published our decision relating to the Burbo Bank Airspace Change Proposal.  A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it, can be found on our airspace change pages.

  • Expired: Birmingham Airport Runway 15 departures

    The proposal seeks to establish revised departure routes from runway 15 utilising Performance-based Navigation (PBN) technology, following the extension to the airport’s instrument runway.

  • Expired: Consultation opens on the implementation of controlled airspace in Southend

    Following the introduction of controlled airspace at Southend in April 2015 the CAA is now conducting a post implementation review of the change to assess whether it has met its aims. If you have any feedback on the airspace introduction please respond to our consultation, which is open until 14th May 2016 and is available […]

  • Expired: New safety notice on flight planning for helicopters SN-2016/002

    We released a safety notice today reinforcing the importance of pre-flight planning and risk assessment before conducting any flights. It has a particular focus on flights under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). You can find it at:

  • Expired: New safety notice on private helicopter flights SN-2016/001

    We released a safety notice today detailing best practice and guidance on establishing Aerodrome Operating Minima (AOM). It also highlights the pilot in command’s responsibilities for private helicopter flights departing under IFR from aerodromes not notified for instrument departures. You can find it at:

  • Expired: Changes to the AFISO syllabus

    The CAA released a Supplementary Instruction today for CAP 1032 Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing ‘Appendix A’ which comes into effect from 4th April. It contains minor changes to the syllabus and is available at: