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  • Expired: Changes to SID/STAR phraseology

    Airspace users should be aware of changes to SID and STAR phraseology. These will be used overseas from 10 November 2016, but won’t be implemented in the UK until late in 2017. For more information, see our new information notice. SW2016/173

  • Expired: Recovery of Category B costs by Heathrow Airport

    The new document CAP 1469 sets out our final proposals on the recovery of costs associated with obtaining planning permission for new runway capacity at Heathrow Airport. We have also published CAP 1470, formal notice to allow Heathrow Airport Limited to recover £10 million of Category B costs per year for new runway expansion. More details and information […]

  • Expired: Aircraft maintenance licence e-exam UK venues

    Aircraft Maintenance Licencing e-exams are available to take at Gatwick, Luton, Ayr, Oxford and Coventry venues. The Perth and Leicester venues have been closed for the 2017 timetable. More details can be found in our new information notice. SW2016/169

  • Expired: Flight crew licence e-exam UK venues

    Flight Crew Licencing e-exams are available to take at Gatwick, Luton, Bristol, Ayr, Oxford and Coventry venues. The Perth and Leicester venues have been closed for the 2017 timetable. More details can be found in our new information notice. SW2016/168

  • Expired: London airspace restrictions, 13 November

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for Remembrance Day ceremony at London on 13 November 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M075/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones

  • Expired: Consultation on licensing guidance for Gyroplane pilots

    The CAA’s Standards Document for the licensing of Gyroplane pilots has been reviewed and updated. We are seeking the views of gyroplane pilots, instructors and other interested parties before formally publishing this document for use. The document now reflects the training requirements for the new CPL (Gyroplanes), night rating and associated requirements for instructors. Updates to reflect the […]

  • Expired: Change to notification process for telecom mast extensions

    The Government’s decision to update the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development (England) Order 2015 [No 596]), has resulted in changes to the notification process where telecommunication mast extensions are proposed. Aerodrome operators are asked to be diligent in their safeguarding processes and mindful of the fact that a telecom mast extension may appear without […]

  • Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK 120 available

    A new edition containing a variety of topical issues. Cabin crew who report for duty when unwell are a hazard to themselves, flight crew and passengers; how the prospect of redundancies can create stress and affect performance; and a discussion of rules regarding social media and mobile phones. Also included are articles on engine failure, […]

  • Expired: Guidance on which documents to carry each flight

    We have released an information notice detailing advice for pilots and operators of aircraft on the documents, manuals and information they are required to carry on each flight. This is to aid compliance with EASA Ops Annex VII (Part-NCO) and Annex VIII (Part-SPO). SW2016/166

  • Expired: Winter operations guidance update

    We, along with the Industry Winter Information Group, have updated guidance material to include the runway assessment matrix. The revised information has been published in the “Operations in winter conditions” section of CAP 1168, Guidance Material for Organisation, Operations and Design Requirements for Aerodromes. Full details of the changes made can be found in our […]

  • Expired: Outcome of revised Airspace Change process consultation

    In March we consulted on improvements to our airspace change process to ensure that it meets modern standards for regulatory decision-making, and that it is seen as fair, transparent, consistent and proportionate. We have now published the changes we have decided to make which will come into effect next year. For full details, see CAP […]

  • Expired: Notice to extend Heathrow price control

    Formal notice to extend the current price control in Heathrow Airport’s economic licence by one year to the end of 2019. The proposal is to retain the RPI-1.5% price control in the additional year. Any representations on the proposals should be sent to by 5pm on Friday 28 October 2016. SW2016/163

  • Expired: Consultation on training of rescue & firefighting personnel

    Following a comprehensive review of CAP 699, we will now be carrying out a short consultation seeking views from industry on the draft, revised CAP prior to publication. The consultation will close 18 November 2016. For further information, see the full information notice. SW2016/162  

  • Expired: Outage of Wallasey VOR beacon for replacement

    Wallasey VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. For more information about the process and impact of the replacement, see our information notice. SW2016/161

  • Urgent: Expired: Changes to process for mobile network development

    Government changes to notification processes have effectively removed the opportunity for aerodrome consultation on extensions to existing mobile masts where the extension is up to 5m in height. Telecom Code Operators are required to ‘notify’ aerodrome operators, but not to act on any objections. Aerodrome operators should be mindful that a telecom mast extension may […]

  • Expired: Compliance monitoring for aerodromes

    Our new information notice describes our compliance monitoring system, and details both CAA and aerodrome operator obligations. We believe the new approach and change in responsibilities will make it easier for you to manage your compliance requirements and show us how you are meeting your obligations. In turn, we can develop oversight processes that focus more on your safety […]

  • Expired: Edition 61 of CHIRP Cabin Crew FEEDBACK available

    Of interest to all cabin crew and flight crew, this edition highlights why reporting safety concerns is so important. There are several ways of reporting concerns and it is important for reporters to know how they can do this. We have included four reports that discuss aircraft MEL restrictions, safety procedures at the overwing exit, […]

  • Expired: Brighton City airspace change proposal

    We have published the minutes relating to the Brighton City (Shoreham) GNSS Airspace Change Proposal framework briefing. A copy of the minutes can be found on our airspace change pages. SW2016/157

  • Expired: Moray Firth airspace change proposal

    We have published our decision relating to the Moray Firth Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ) Airspace Change Proposal. A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it, can be found on our airspace change pages. SW2016/156

  • Expired: Airprox Board 2016 Newsletter – Avoiding Collisions

    Director UK Airprox Board’s 2016 newsletter focuses on Airprox issues connected with drones, glider site over-flights, visual circuits, electronic conspicuity and distractions. SW2016/155

  • Expired: 2015 UK Airprox Analysis (annual summary)

    Director UK Airprox Board’s latest annual report (Blue Book 31) provides a statistical review for 2015, associated themes, and a listing of all 2015 Airprox. SW2016/154

  • Expired: Airprox Board monthly report, September – Avoiding collisions

    A monthly update from Director UK Airprox Board giving some learning themes for recreational pilots. Director UK Airprox Board’s monthly short report and Airprox of the Month for September 2016 focuses in particular on airmanship, integration in the ATZ, drones, and inaction on identifying a potential conflict. SW2016/153

  • Expired: Launch of UK ATM Vocabulary (CAP 1430)

    The new UK ATM Vocabulary (CAP 1430) provides the authoritative reference for all terms and abbreviations used within specific CAA Civil Aviation Publications related to ATM. Primarily, these terms and abbreviations have been sourced from European Commission Implementing Regulations, particularly Reg (EU)923/2012 Standardised European Rules of the Air. Where terms and abbreviations are not defined […]

  • Expired: Maintenance Programme application process

    From 1 November 2016, we will be launching a new application process for Maintenance Programmes and it will no longer be possible to apply via Regional Office mail boxes or direct to the organisation’s airworthiness surveyor. The application will be made on a common form SRG 1753, covering all maintenance programme requirements. For more information […]

  • Expired: Update: Advice on Galaxy Note 7 phones

    Following issues identified by Samsung, operators are advised that the carriage by air of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones as cargo or mail is now prohibited. Passengers may still carry Galaxy Note 7s in hand baggage but must ensure the phone remains switched off and is not charged for the duration of the flight. […]

  • Expired: Advice on Galaxy Note 7 phones

    Following issues Samsung has identified with its Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone, the UK Civil Aviation Authority advises airline passengers intending to travel with this phone to ensure it remains switched off for the duration of the flight. The phone should be carried in hand baggage and should not be charged during the flight. Passengers […]

  • Expired: South Shields airspace restrictions, 11 September

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for a Red Arrow display at South Shields, Tyne and Wear on 11 September 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M062/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all Drones.

  • Expired: Duxford airspace restrictions, 11 September

    Restriction of Flying Regulations for a Red Arrow display at Duxford, Cambridgeshire on 11 September 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M062/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all Drones.