Guidance of portable electronic devices

The UK Civil Aviation Authority keeps all rules and regulations under constant review to ensure they remain current and based on the latest research and information available. Our priority is always the safety of passengers and crew and we continue to work with airlines, manufacturers and international regulators to drive improvements in safety standards across the industry.

The widespread use of portable electronic devices, including laptops, mobile phones and tablets, means that more people are travelling with items powered by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries can catch fire if they have been damaged, subjected to short circuit, charged with a different charger to that supplied, or if a portable electronic device overheats.  Carriage of portable electronic devices in the cabin is strongly recommended.  If carriage within hold baggage proves necessary passengers and operators should ensure that devices are switched off completely (not left in stand-by mode), protected from inadvertent operation or damage, for example by using a rigid suitcase and/or cushioning material such as clothing, and not packed near to aerosols or perfumes or other permitted flammable products.  Spare batteries, including power banks, must never be placed within hold baggage.