Preparing to prevent infringements to the east of Manchester

While we understand that many pilots are currently unable to fly due to COVID-19 restrictions we aim to continue to release safety education and awareness material to support the GA community with the future return to flying and continue to help promote longer-term safety awareness. To meet that aim we are continuing to publish information relating to airspace infringement hot-spots.

The twelfth in the series of infringement updates has been written by members of the Northwest Local Airspace Infringement Team (LAIT) at NATS Manchester Airport and Barton Aerodrome. It is focused on preventing airspace infringements in the vicinity of the Pennines to the east of Manchester.

Narrative 02: ‘Preventing airspace infringements in the vicinity of the Manchester low-level route’ has been updated since it was first published in line with the changes relating to the Class D VMC criteria.

The full set of hot-spot narratives can be found on the Local area information page on the Airspace & Safety Initiative website.