Converting to an EASA Licence from a UK National/JAR licence

To fly EASA certified aircraft from 8 April 2018 pilots will need to hold an EASA licence.

Please note that the following exceptions apply:

  1. 1. National licences for microlights and gyroplanes do not have an equivalent EASA licence to convert to.

2. EASA Balloon and Sailplane licensing is subject to delays in the drafting of the relevant legislation, so the UK will issue a short-term exemption for pilots of these categories, permitting the continued use of the current national licensing requirements for these categories of aircraft.

  • If pilots do not hold a Part FCL licence by 8 April 2018 they will only be able to fly UK registered (G) non-EASA (Annex II) aircraft within the privileges of their national licence.

To exercise aerobatic and towing privileges in an EASA certified aircraft pilots will need to hold the appropriate ratings on their Part FCL licence.

For more information please see the licence conversion guidance on our website.

You can also read this article from Flyer magazine’s Ian Seager who recently converted his own licence.