Alerts: Spaceflight

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Space Launch and Orbit Group, July 2022

The CAA has published new content from the Space Launch and Orbit Group sessions, held on the 7th and 8th July. Please see the CAA website for more information. SW2022/192

New Launch Collision Avoidance Analysis (LCOLA) annex note to industry

The CAA has published a new annex note to industry regarding Launch Collision Avoidance Analysis (LCOLA). This note details what you need to do as an operator for launch collision avoidance and what the CAA needs from applicants before launch. Please see the CAA website for more information. SW2022/162

New guidance for spaceport and launch operator licence applicants

The CAA has published new guidance to outline the approach the CAA with adopt in the consulting with stakeholders on AEE’s received as part of spaceport and launch operator applications. (CAP2352). Please see the CAA website for more information. SW2022/109

Additional guidance for the purpose of spaceflight activities

The Secretary of State recognises that the CAA is required to take account of environmental objectives as set out in the Civil Aviation Authority (Air Navigation) Directions 2017 (as amended) (“the 2017 Directions”). The Secretary of State has issued further guidance to the CAA to define how the 2017 Directions should be applied to airspace […]

22/23 CAA Scheme of Charges Publication

The CAA has published the revised 14 Schemes of Charges and the Consultation response document on the 17th  March 2022 under CAA UK Official Record Series 5, that will be legally implemented with effect from the 1st April 2022. The current 14 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31st March 2022.

Expired: Statutory charges FY22/23: Consultation

Our Statutory charges FY22/23 consultation has now been published and explains our proposals for revisions to the existing CAA Charges Schemes, due to take effect from 1 April 2022. We look forward to receiving feedback on these proposals, in particular from those we regulate. We welcome comments on all aspects of the proposals, including the […]

CAP1616 Airspace Change Regulatory Guidance Review – Engagement

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has today opened a public engagement exercise as part of its review into its airspace change process, known as CAP1616. We are inviting all stakeholders to share their views and experiences of the CAP1616 process and its guidance through our online survey. We are asking for comments before 30 November […]

New guidance for space licence applicants

The CAA has published new guidance to support launch, range and spaceport licence applicants in developing a training manual (CAP2259C), safety operations manual (CAP2259B) and launch operator safety case (CAP2259A). Please see the CAA website for more information. SW2021/259