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CAA response on EASA NPA 2017-11 – Integrated modular avionics

The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-11 titled Integrated Modular Avionics – Phase 2. You can read the response on our website. SW2017/192  

CAA response on EASA NPA 2017-07 – Rotorcraft gearbox loss of lubrication

The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-07 – Rotorcraft gearbox loss of lubrication. Read the response on our website SW2017/139

Changes to birdstrike reporting procedures

The UK Birdstrike Reporting Portal and birdstrike reporting form SRG 2004 will be withdrawn on 1 August 2017. This follows the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014. Wildlife strikes, including bird strikes, will not be differentiated from other reportable occurrences. For information and advice on the reporting methods available from 1 August, please visit our […]

CAA response on EASA NPA 2017-03 – In flight recording for light aircraft

The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment  NPA consultation 2017-03 ‘In Flight Recording for Light Aircraft’. Read the response on our website SW2017/100

Important information for SkyWise app users

A new version of the SkyWise app is being released this week and will be available to download for Apple and Android devices. Please ensure that you have the option for ‘Automatic Downloads’ turned on in your device’s settings so that you can continue to receive notifications. Guidance for Apple devices Guidance for Android devices […]

CAA response on NPA 2017-01 – CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise

The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-01 regarding the implementation of the CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise. Read our response to the NPA Read EASA NPA 2017-01 See our website for details of other responses we have made to EASA’s Notices of Proposed Amendments. SW2017/43

Applying for 8.33 kHz radio funding

The CAA has secured €4.3 million of funding from the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility to encourage the early transition of the UK GA fleet to 8.33 kHz-capable equipment. The funding will be distributed by way of reimbursal to aircraft owners or pilots to contribute toward the cost of new radio equipment. For more information on […]

Edition 121 of CHIRP air transport FEEDBACK

Approaching the first anniversary of the introduction of EASA Flight Time Limitations this edition of CHIRP FEEDBACK contains a number of examples of flight crew fatigue and a summary of fatigue issues. Air Traffic Control interests include controlling in bad weather and tower controllers doubling-up as approach controllers. Engineering organisations under pressure and engineers signing […]

Update to CAP 1038 Check Flight Handbook

A new version of the CAA Check Flight Handbook (CAP 1038) has been published. It explains who may carry out Check Flights and offers a number of technical guides to the various aspects of the Check Flight. It is not intended to replace the contents of an aircraft’s flight manual (or Permit to Fly). SW2017/04

Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2017/18

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2017/18. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 9 February 2017. SW2016/175

Changes to EASA ‘grandfathered’ equipment

Our new information notice provides updates regarding ‘grandfather provisions’ for design changes to EASA Equipment, Parts and Appliances originally certified prior to 28 September 2003. Further discussion with EASA and with the FAA has confirmed that grandfathered changes by an Original Equipment Manufacturer other than the Type Certificate Holder or an EASA Design Organisation Approval may […]

Part NCC of the EASA Air Operations Regulation

On 25 August 2016 Part-NCC will be in effect and covers non-commercial operations being undertaken with complex motor-powered aircraft. If you are an operator based in the UK, you need to declare this to us. We have created an online form to make the declaration process as easy as possible. Declarations can be made from […]

Part 66 Licence: Acceptance of on the job training

As part of the Part 66 licence assessment process, the CAA reviews on the job training work records/work sheets supplied by an applicant. A new Information Notice identifies the documentation that is required to be submitted to assist with these assessments. Its purpose is to set out the process for the UK CAA to receive and process […]

CAA statutory charges 2016-17 released

Updates to Official Record Series 5 – Scheme of Charges (excluding air display and low flying permission charges) have been released. These changes are to be implemented with effect from 1 June 2016. Along with this, CAP 1407 provides the CAA responses to the comments received from respondents to the CAA industry consultation concerning charging proposals to […]

New easy process to enable electronic identification of light aircraft announced

Yesterday we released proposals for how GA aircraft and airspace users in uncontrolled UK airspace can use low cost and low power electronic devices (known as electronic conspicuity) to be more visible to each other. The aim is to make it significantly easier and cheaper for pilots to be able to electronically show other aircraft their […]

New policy on mounting cameras to GA aircraft

If you wish to attach a small camera (such as a GoPro) to a non EASA certified GA aircraft then the attachment needs to be inspected by a Part66 licensed aircraft engineer or via the CAA as a minor modification to the aircraft. To approve any installation the engineer will need to complete a maintenance […]

Consultation on CAA charges

We’re currently consulting on proposed amendments to the CAA Schemes of Charges, which are planned to be effective as from 1 June 2016.