Alerts: Manufacturers

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Guidance regarding the introduction and use of Additive Layer Manufacturing technologies in Products, Parts and Appliances.

Organisations adopting Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM/3-D printing) to produce aircraft parts are referred to EASA Certification Memorandum CM-S-008 which addresses Design, Production and Maintenance and confirms the need for organisations to communicate with their competent Authority ‘at the earliest opportunity’ to ensure any necessary investigation is concluded prior to parts release.   Previous CAA FAQ […]

Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2019/20

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2019/20. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 7 February 2019.

Consultation: Non-EASA fleet aircraft seat harness / belt lives

The CAA wishes to consult with key elements of the non-EASA GA Continued Airworthiness community on the most appropriate means to assure the integrity of seat harnesses and belts. The CAA considers that whilst introducing mandatory replacement lives for harnesses could be considered a means to ensure that an acceptable residual strength is retained, there […]

Updates to CAA’s EU Exit microsite

Following EASA’s announcement on accepting applications for some organisation types for third country approvals, the CAA has updated the following pages on its EU Exit microsite: production organisations, maintenance organisations, CAMOs, engineer training organisations and approved training organisations.

Advice to the aviation industry on a no deal EU exit

We have developed a microsite at to be a central source of information for the aviation and aerospace industries about the actions they would need to take to be prepared for a no deal withdrawal from the EU and no continued mutual recognition.

Changes to submission of exposition revisions and amendments

From 1 October 2018, the only valid methods for submitting expositions (whether an initial application, change to an existing approval or routine update by an approved organisation) will be: Submission by application online form – initial application or change to existing approval Submission to – any other exposition revision/amendment This applies to Part 145, […]

Sustained high temperatures and flying weather Safety Alert

Attention all Balloon Operators and Balloon Pilots We have received several whistleblower reports and MOR submissions that would seem to indicate during this period of prolonged good weather, Commercial Pilots are breaching Flight Time Limitations (FTL). Please communicate to all Pilots the need to comply with FTL, and to ensure that appropriate rest periods are […]

CAA requirements for check flights

Safety Notice SN-2016/006 “CAA Requirements for Check Flights”, dated 27 July 2016, has been withdrawn. Guidance on check flights is available on the CAA website. SW2018/160  

Acceptance of parts for certain aircraft produced in Australia and New Zealand

EASA is now accepting new aircraft products, parts and appliances produced by certain manufacturers located in Australia and New Zealand, namely for Kavanagh Balloons, the GippsAero GA8, Pacific Aerospace 750XL and Alpha Aviation R2000 Series. The following guidance is available on the EASA website Kavanagh Balloons, the GippsAero GA8 Pacific Aerospace 750XL and Alpha Aviation […]

Draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy

We have today published our draft Airspace Modernisation Strategy for stakeholder feedback, and webcome comments by Monday 10 September 2018. SW2018/148

Helicopter Safety Seminar

We are holding a helicopter safety seminar in collaboration with the British Helicopter Association (BHA) at Aviation House, Gatwick on 6 September 2018. The seminar will run from 10:00-16:00 with a light lunch provided. The event will include a briefing on the Safety Review of Onshore CAT (including emergency services), NCC and SPO operations which […]

Update to website: EU exit

We have updated our website with information about our preparations for the UK’s exit from the EU. Read more on our EU exit page. SW2018/135

Revised Human Factors strategy published

Our strategy sets out how we propose to contribute to the development of greater understanding and application of Human Factors (HF) knowledge to support Human Performance (HP) in the operational environment. It builds on previous versions; sets out what we want to achieve; lays out our strategic objectives; and describes the expected benefits and outcomes. […]

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 126

In the latest issue of CHIRP (confidential and independent reporting): – Lack of spares – EFB chargers – Who is in command of the aircraft? – Vicarious liability –  accountability for the actions of others – General aviation pilot training issues SW2018/78

CAA response on NPA 2017-19

The CAA has published a response on the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-19 which relates to the installation of parts and appliances that are released without an EASA Form 1 or equivalent. Read our response to the NPA which includes an attachment. Read EASA NPA 2017-19 SW2018/54

CAA Scheme of Charges 2018/19

The revised CAA Schemes of Charges, effective as from 1 April 2018, are now available. We asked for comments on the charge proposals. We are grateful for the submissions received and have published our response (CAP 1626). SW2018/046

CAA response on NPA 2017-18 – Unintended or inappropriate rudder use

The CAA has published a response supporting the revisions proposed in the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-18 which relates to unintended or inappropriate rudder usage — rudder reversals. Read our response to the NPA Read EASA NPA 2017-18 See our website for details of other responses we have made to EASA’s Notices of Proposed Amendments. […]

CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK, Edition 75

In this latest edition: – letters of agreement – charging portable electronic devices in the cockpit – fuel selectors and fuel filler caps – flight in IMC without a surveillance-based Air Traffic Service (how to minimise the risk) – cowling loss Read all about it here. SW2018/022

Independent monitoring of quality systems

During recent reviews of organisations it has been noted that functions carried out by the Quality Department/Team have not been subject to independent auditing from someone not involved in the function.  This leads to a Non-Compliance against the monitoring / auditing of the organisation as not all aspects have been audited correctly. Please ensure that […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 125

In this latest issue of CHIRP: – Is there a systemic problem with aviation? Pilots, ATCOs and engineers report pressure to achieve more output with fewer resources. Are Safety Management Systems too reactive? – EASA regulations and potential legal implications of using Commander’s Discretion are reported as well as the effects of an industrial dispute […]

UK overflight of non ICAO compliant permit to fly aircraft

Further to successive recommendations by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the CAA now allows both foreign home built aircraft and certain historic foreign registered aircraft types allowed into the UK without applying for a permit. Information on this general exemption is published in Official Record Series 4 ORS4 No.1249. SW2017/228