Alerts: Maintenance / Engineers

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Update to website: EU exit

We have updated our website with information about our preparations for the UK’s exit from the EU. Read more on our EU exit page. SW2018/135

Revised Human Factors strategy published

Our strategy sets out how we propose to contribute to the development of greater understanding and application of Human Factors (HF) knowledge to support Human Performance (HP) in the operational environment. It builds on previous versions; sets out what we want to achieve; lays out our strategic objectives; and describes the expected benefits and outcomes. […]

CAP 1528 Guidance for Part 147 Instructors

A new issue of CAP 1528 has been published that provides minor updates and clarification of guidance for invigilators. CAP 1528 is available for download from the CAA website. SW2018/92

New funding round for 8.33 kHz radio switchover

We have opened a new funding period to help general aviation pilots who still need to buy an 8.33 kHz radio for their aircraft. Applications can now be accepted to 30 September 2018. Forms and guidance available on the CAA website SW 2018/090

Update: Identification requirement for aircraft maintenance licensing applications

This notification updates the information sent on 4 May 2018 as SW2018/074 Please note that you are required to submit a certified true copy of photographic ID (such as passport or driving licence) when applying for the initial issue of a Part-66 licence and all applications submitted online via the CAA portal. For security and […]

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 126

In the latest issue of CHIRP (confidential and independent reporting): – Lack of spares – EFB chargers – Who is in command of the aircraft? – Vicarious liability –  accountability for the actions of others – General aviation pilot training issues SW2018/78

Repairs – approval from design organisations

When repairs have been completed that are outside the scope of the existing approved data (e.g. the structural repair manual) a design organisation (including type certificate holders) must provide aircraft specific approval documents. This type of repair data is commonly required when a repair is not possible using generic repair data or is needed to […]

Expired: Identification requirement for aircraft maintenance licensing applications

This information has been updated and superseded by SW2018/84 Please note that you are required to submit a certified true copy of photographic ID (such as passport or driving licence) when applying for the initial issue of a Part-66 licence and all applications submitted online via the CAA portal. For security and fraud prevention reasons […]

Aircraft maintenance licensing applications

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014, Annex III (Part-66), existing licence holders are required to submit their original current Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence to the issuing authority when applying to renew, change the scope of, or change the personal details on their Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence. Please note that if your original licence […]

CAA response on NPA 2017-19

The CAA has published a response on the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment NPA 2017-19 which relates to the installation of parts and appliances that are released without an EASA Form 1 or equivalent. Read our response to the NPA which includes an attachment. Read EASA NPA 2017-19 SW2018/54

Guidance on Self Declared Maintenance Programmes

All ELA1 aircraft operated privately should have had their EASA MIP based Self Declared Maintenance Programme (SDMP) or Aircraft Maintenance Programme (AMP) in place since 30 September 2017. The deadline for ELA1 aircraft to have a SDMP or approved AMP in place is now 31 May 2018. ELA1 privately operated aircraft that have not transferred after this extended deadline […]

Exposition version control

During recent CAA audits of organisations it has been noted that some organisations have implemented new / draft versions of the organisation’s exposition as their working document before receiving acceptance / approval from the CAA or being approved under an organisation exposition indirect approval. When found this leads to a Non-Compliance against the applicable regulations. […]

CAA Scheme of Charges 2018/19

The revised CAA Schemes of Charges, effective as from 1 April 2018, are now available. We asked for comments on the charge proposals. We are grateful for the submissions received and have published our response (CAP 1626). SW2018/046

Expositions, listings and associated procedures (Part 145, 147, MF, MG)

For those organisations that have been granted an indirect approval procedure for their exposition amendments, associated listings (e.g. Capability List, Managed Aircraft Listing, etc) and procedures which are referenced within the exposition, please note that there is a requirement to submit these documents to the CAA as soon as they have been approved within your […]

CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK, Edition 75

In this latest edition: – letters of agreement – charging portable electronic devices in the cockpit – fuel selectors and fuel filler caps – flight in IMC without a surveillance-based Air Traffic Service (how to minimise the risk) – cowling loss Read all about it here. SW2018/022

Independent monitoring of quality systems

During recent reviews of organisations it has been noted that functions carried out by the Quality Department/Team have not been subject to independent auditing from someone not involved in the function.  This leads to a Non-Compliance against the monitoring / auditing of the organisation as not all aspects have been audited correctly. Please ensure that […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 125

In this latest issue of CHIRP: – Is there a systemic problem with aviation? Pilots, ATCOs and engineers report pressure to achieve more output with fewer resources. Are Safety Management Systems too reactive? – EASA regulations and potential legal implications of using Commander’s Discretion are reported as well as the effects of an industrial dispute […]

Expired: CHIRP GA Feedback Edition 74

In this latest edition of CHIRP, we cover: – Distractions, changes in routine and checklists – Post maintenance flight tests – Practice Forced Landings away from an airfield – Cessna seat latches, and much more. Read all about it. SW2017/221

Expired: Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2018/19

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2018/19. For more information, and to submit comments, please view the consultation. All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 8 February 2018. SW2017/216

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 124

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 124 has been published. In this edition: Missed RT calls and ‘stepped on’ transmissions: why do they happen and what can be done? High temperatures in the cabin and flight deck and an unserviceable air conditioning pack: press on or delay the flight? Low temperature issues: a passenger concerned about […]

Part-147 MTOE: Letter of Transmittal (LOT) removal

The approval procedure for Part-147 Maintenance Training Organisation Expositions (MTOE) has changed. Previously, the MTOE was produced with the Letter of Transmittal (LOT) included. This was then signed and included with the MTOE for submission to the relevant authority. The authority will now indicate the approval of the MTOE and its amendments via a standard […]

Part 145 overseas OJT approval application

Organisations who wish to apply for UK CAA Part 145 overseas approval of their OJT in support of type rating issue can now do so, via this application form, available on the CAA website. SW2017/197

Expired: New Aircraft Maintenance Licence Part 66 examination delivery system

In line with the recent change to the Flight Crew Licensing examinations, all AML Part 66 examinations will transition from the LAMP system to the Quadrant system. The first module exams delivered via the new Quadrant system will be on the 14 October with all modules and part module exams transitioned to Quadrant by the […]

CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK Edition 73

In this edition of CHIRP air transport Feedback: Know your ATCO from your FISO and A/G operator. Airspace infringements; how to avoid them and what to do in the event of infringing. Two examples of well-handled engine failures in the circuit. Transponders and the altitude facility; terminology and tolerances. Plus an unexpected source of FOD, […]

Expired: Part 145 – lost capability

This Information Notice (IN2017/033) informs Part 145 organisations of the actions that may be taken by the CAA where it is identified that an organisation is temporarily unable to fulfil the Part 145 requirements for a particular product, part, appliance or process listed on its approval certificate. SW2017/145

Expired: Update to SAFETY DIRECTIVE: Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 return to service requirements

Safety Directive SD-2017/001 which concerned the conditions for the return to service of Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 following a fatal accident in Norway with an EC225LP on 29 April 2016 has been amended to reflect the latest airworthiness directive published by EASA. There are no other significant changes. The new directive SD-2017/002 supersedes SD-2017/001. […]

Expired: Edition 123 of CHIRP air transport FEEDBACK

In this edition of CHIRP air transport Feedback: Are you fit to control/fly? Air Traffic Controllers working night shifts and flight crew feeling pressured to work overtime; Engineering manpower: what are the rules about the resources required?; A pilot shares a human error that resulted in a level bust – an honest report that contains […]

Expired: Spar sets produced by Croydon Aircraft Company of New Zealand

The CAA has been advised that some spar sets produced by The Croydon Aircraft Company of New Zealand may not be to OEM drawing. This Information Notice (IN-2017/032) contains advice and details of the work underway to investigate the matter. SW2017/138

Expired: SAFETY DIRECTIVE: Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 return to service requirements

The purpose of this Safety Directive (SD-2017/001) is to assure safe operations of Airbus Helicopters EC225LP and AS332L2 following a fatal accident in Norway with an EC225LP on 29 April 2016 and replaces SD 2016/003. As a result of the further report from Accident Investigation Board Norway issued on 28 April 2017, ongoing discussions with […]