Alerts: Flight training commercial

Here you can see details of all alerts issued during the last 12 months. Select a category to see the relevant headlines, sorted by date, and click on one to read the full alert. If you are looking for information about an older notification please email including the reference number where possible e.g. SW2017/194.

Six weeks to apply for UK Part FCL Licence and/or Certificate paying only a £60 deposit

There are now just six weeks left to apply for a UK Part FCL Licence and/or Certificate using our deposit scheme. We strongly recommend that anyone seeking a UK licence submits their application to the CAA by 31 August 2022. The CAA cannot guarantee that applications submitted after this date will be completed before 1 […]

Aircraft Performance During Exceptionally Hot Weather

This Skywise is to remind pilots of the effect of higher ambient temperatures on aircraft performance. The weather forecast for this weekend and next week shows that temperatures especially in the South and Midlands of the United Kingdom will be above 30°C. Safety Sense Leaflet No 7 and Chapter 4 of the Skyway Code, have sections on […]

London CTA Helicopter Forecast

Airspace users are reminded that, the London CTA Helicopter Forecast is issued four times a day and provides a specific forecast of cloud base and visibility. It is available to view on the Met Office Aviation Briefing Service at Aviation Briefing Service – Guidance – Met Office Further Met information and resources are also available […]

Update: EU-UK personnel licence conversion

The CAA has launched a simplified EU-UK conversion process for gaining a UK Part-FCL licence and UK Part-Med certificate, which can be held at the same time as an EASA Part-FCL licence/certificate. Licence holders will also be able to take advantage of a new deposit scheme when using our online form for the licence application […]

Helicopter flight in degraded visual conditions

The purpose of this notice is to remind helicopter pilots, operators and training schools of the advice and guidance that is available to assist in the management of flight in a degraded visual environment, including its recognition and avoidance, appropriate training, flight planning and action in the event of encountering deteriorating conditions. AIC P 137/2019 […]

Re-opening of Same Day Licensing Counter at Aviation House

The same day counter service, which allows applicants to have their licence or certificate issued on the day, reopens at Aviation House on 4 July 2022. The booking line will be made available from 27 June 2022. Full details of the services offered can be found on our website. SW2022/132

Expired: Space Weather Advisories and Space Weather Webinar

ICAO Space Weather Advisories are now being disseminated through the Aeronautical Fixed Service – further details can be found in CAP1428: Impacts of Space Weather on Aviation. For information on how to receive space weather advisories please contact NATS Data Services on Met Office Space Weather Webinar: Thursday 23 June 14:00-15:00 To learn more […]

Automated Flight Crew Licensing application updates

As part of improvements to our licensing services, applicants with a CAA portal account will now receive automated updates when the status of their Flight Crew Licensing application changes, providing visibility of their progress through the licensing process.  Updates will be sent for all Flight Crew Licensing applications, regardless of how the applicant has applied […]

The Aviation Safety (Amendment) Regulations 2022

The Aviation Safety (Amendment) Regulations 2022 (SI 2022 No. 637) was laid in parliament on 10 June 2022 which amends: UK Regulation (EU) 2018/1976 (Sailplanes)UK Regulation (EU) 2018/395 (Balloons)UK Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (Aircrew), andUK Regulation (EU) 2019/947 (Unmanned Aircraft) on 1 July 2022 and UK Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 (Basic Regulation) on 1 July 2022 […]

UK AIP and chart format changes – AIRAC 07/2022

To comply with regulatory requirements changes will be made to the format of the UK AIP and Aeronautical Charts effective AIRAC 07/2022: • ENR 3 ATS Routes: Tables restructured. • ENR 5.5 Aerial Sporting/Recreational Activities: For easy reference all sites published in a single alphabetical list regardless of type. • AD 2 Aerodromes: New section […]

Upcoming changes to application form for instructor certificates

As part of improvements to our licence application service, we are reducing the use of paper application forms.A new online application form (SRG2159) for the initial issue, variation, revalidation and renewal of instructor certificates has been created. This will soon replace paper (PDF) application forms: SRG1131, SRG1133, SRG1135, and SRG2106. SRG2159 can be used to […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 142

As the post-COVID airline industry transitions from survival to recovery, CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 142 reviews some of the key issues from the last 12 months that have recently focused on commercial pressures and rostering versus available resources and manning.  There are also reports discussing UPRT training, Approach Bans, maintenance quality concerns, and lack […]

Expired: Ofcom decision to vary aircraft and aircraft (transportable) radiocommunications licences

Please note that following a notice of proposed variation earlier this year Ofcom has published a decision on their website regarding a variation of WT Act Licenses that impacts all aircraft and aircraft (transportable) licensees. The decision can be viewed on the Ofcom website. SW2022/066

Flying aircraft registered in an EASA state

UK issued flight crew licence holders should be aware that since 1 January 2021, they have no privileges to operate aircraft on the register of an EASA Member State – including within UK airspace. Pilots require an EASA Part-FCL/Part-SFCL/Part-BFCL licence or can request a short-term validation of their UK licence, under Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) […]

Change in shading of Manchester Low Level Route (Class D) on CAA VFR charts

To coincide with the release of Edition 48 of the 1:500,000 Southern England & Wales VFR chart on 24 March 2022, the shading of that portion of the Manchester CTR designated as the Manchester Low Level Route has changed to better reflect its status as Class D airspace with special conditions for its use. Those […]

Simplification of document certification requirements for personnel licensing

The UK CAA have updated the requirements for providing certified documents in support of a personnel licensing application. These changes allow for:   · The option to provide a photo of yourself holding your ID (a ‘selfie’) as an alternative to obtaining a certified copy · The ability for non-aviation professionals to certify most licenses […]

22/23 CAA Scheme of Charges Publication

The CAA has published the revised 14 Schemes of Charges and the Consultation response document on the 17th  March 2022 under CAA UK Official Record Series 5, that will be legally implemented with effect from the 1st April 2022. The current 14 Schemes of Charges will be effective to and including 31st March 2022.

NOTAM Q-Code change: Hang gliding and Paragliding

The Q-Code for Hang gliding/Paragliding activities is “WP” (parachute jumping exercise (PJE), paragliding and hang gliding). If a NOTAM relates to paragliding/hang gliding the use of “WP” can be misleading if taken to indicate a PJE instead of paragliding/hang gliding. The flight characteristics and risks associated with paragliding/hang gliding are closer to glider flying than […]

CAP 1926- The use of RNAV Substitution

The CAA has published CAP 1926 containing general requirements and guidance material for the use of RNAV Substitution on UK routes and procedures. The CAP acknowledges the use of FMS Coded Overlays as an operating technique in lieu of primary reference to conventional ground-based navigation aids and as such, permits use of the technique on […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 141

CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 141 focuses on fatigue and tiredness resulting from maximised duty times as companies ramp up operations now that international COVID restrictions have been relaxed.  There are also reports describing normalised deviance in the engineering and flight crew environments where people have routinely cut corners in an attempt to meet the […]

Radio & Transponder Mandatory Zones

As part of our work to enable the Airspace Modernisation Strategy, the CAA has reviewed and amended its policies on radio and transponder mandatory zones (RMZ and TMZ). This has resulted in: # new acceptable means of compliance and guidance material to SERA.6005 Requirements for Communications and SSR Transponders adopted through ORS9 CAA Decision No […]

Confirmation that General Exemption ORS4 No.1453 will expire 31 December 2021

Previous UK CAA licence holders who obtained their EASA licence between 1 January 2021 and 31 March 2021 will no longer be able to operate on UK (G-registered) aircraft from 1 January 2022 unless they gain a UK Part-FCL licence or a UK validation of their EASA licence. Operators should ensure their crews have the […]

CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services

CAP 774 UK Flight Information Services Edition 4 has been published and becomes effective on 15 December 2021. Aside from minor editorial changes within the foreword, Edition 4 includes amendments to ensure that the text of the document is gender neutral and to reflect the introduction of policy permitting the use, by aerodrome FISOs, of […]

Expired: Radio Telephony (RT) Examiner privileges extension

All RT Examiners whose certificate is valid on 31 December 2021 (or are in receipt of an extension email) may consider these examiner privileges extended until 31 May 2022. This extension will facilitate the introduction of a new training and testing process for the Flight Radio Telephony Operator Licence (FRTOL).

Consultation on cost sharing regulations for private pilots

We have launched a consultation on proposed changes to the current cost sharing regulations for private pilots. We welcome your views. Responses can be submitted via our online consultation: UK Cost Shared Flights The consultation will close on 12 January 2022.

Expired: Statutory charges FY22/23: Consultation

Our Statutory charges FY22/23 consultation has now been published and explains our proposals for revisions to the existing CAA Charges Schemes, due to take effect from 1 April 2022. We look forward to receiving feedback on these proposals, in particular from those we regulate. We welcome comments on all aspects of the proposals, including the […]

Expired: Upcoming changes to Flight Crew Licensing rating application forms

Please be advised the PDF (paper) versions of the following six Flight Crew Licensing rating application forms will be withdrawn on 13 January 2022 and replaced with a single online form: SRG1119ASRG1119BSRG1119CSRG1119ESRG1173SRG1161 We have also updated the following course / landing completion certificates SRG1107SRG1112SRG5011 Online application form SRG3108 is now live and can be used […]

Expired: Confidential Aviation Safety Reporting to be Extended to Cover Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation.

From Wednesday 27th October, UK aviation’s Confidential Human factors Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) is to be extended to include reporting from commercial flight and cabin crews about bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation where the circumstances had, or could have had, a detrimental effect on flight safety. The CAA has provided funding for this extension to […]

New Aviation Safety Regulations published

This Skywise is to advise that The Aviation Safety (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulations 2021, SI 2021 No. 1203 have been published, making amendments to retained EU regulations. A table setting out the various dates upon which the amendments made by this SI will come into force can be found here: Details of retained EU law […]

Military Aircrew Accreditation Scheme

CAP2254 Military Aircrew Accreditation Scheme (MAAS) has been published. It replaces information formerly found within CAP804 concerning the Military Accreditation Scheme, and provides the latest information relevant to those individuals wishing to obtain a civil aircrew licence.  This now includes information concerning credits permitted for those individuals who have completed training with the University Air […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 140

Air Transport FEEDBACK 140 covers a wide-ranging set of issues reported to CHIRP during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic period.   The editorial focuses on the need to proactively report across the whole spectrum of safety concerns so that we can identify emerging themes before they become critical  – one such theme being the growing pressure […]

Upcoming changes to Aviation safety law

The CAA has updated its Safety Policy and Legislation tracker to include its Opinions to the Department for Transport on two further packages of changes to Aviation safety law. The Department for Transport has accepted these Opinions and is taking the steps necessary to implement changes to the relevant regulations via an upcoming Statutory Instrument. […]

New AMC & GM – UK Reg (EU) No 923/2012 SERA

The CAA has published a revised package of acceptable means of compliance (AMC) and guidance material (GM) to UK Reg (EU) No 923/2012 the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA). The AMC and GM package can be found on the UK Regulations website and incorporates the recent amendment to the AMC and GM to […]

The UKAB Annual report 2020

The UK Airprox Board’s new annual report offers an historic overview of cases followed by a detailed breakdown of Airprox by sector, risk, altitude and airspace. Understanding Airprox and the factors behind them is a key step towards mitigating against mid-air collision and UKAB’s sole purpose is to share its work far and wide to […]

Expired: CHIRP Air Transport FEEDBACK Edition 139

Air Transport FEEDBACK 139 includes comments on themes from recent reports to CHIRP, many of which have focused on company/workforce relations, culture and trust.  Also mentioned is the need to make sure that recent publications that have been issued when many people and/or departments have been furloughed are properly understood and incorporated in return to […]

Policy for the approval of remote aerodrome air traffic services V4.0

Version 4.0 of the policy for the approval of remote air traffic services expands on previous policy to include the evolution of the concept into Multiple mode of operation and provision of remote aerodrome ATS from multiple aerodromes both sequentially and simultaneously.  It also includes technical updates in Appendix B and ATC training requirements in […]

The CAA has published the process that will be used in developing aviation policy and legislation in the UK.

The CAA has published the process that will be used in developing aviation policy and legislation in the UK. The process involves coordinated activity between the CAA and the DfT and will be used in the development of aviation legislation, certification specifications and other detailed specifications, acceptable means of compliance and guidance material. Information about […]

NATS AIS Internet Briefing System (IBS)

NATS will replace the AIS IBS with a new system on Thursday, 12th August 2021. The new system provides an improved user interface and enhanced functionality – Full details of changes are available via the NATS news item at including a new User Manual. Note: Users with existing Pre-flight Information Bulletin (PIB) accounts will […]