Alerts: Economic regulation and enforcement

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Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2018/19

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2018/19. For more information, and to submit comments, please view the consultation. All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 8 February 2018. SW2017/216

Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS) in the UK: Call for evidence

We are calling for evidence regarding the Terminal Air Navigation Services (TANS) in the UK. This is to assist and advise the Secretary of State for Transport on whether market conditions continue to exist, as set out under Article 3 of the European Regulation No 391/2013. See the consultation here. SW2017/214

Guidance for NERL in preparing its Business Plan for Reference Period 3: consultation document

We are seeking views on the CAA’s proposed guidance to NERL in preparing its business plan for Reference Period 3 (RP3). For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before 10 November 2017. SW2017/196

Consultation on core elements of the regulatory framework for Heathrow expansion

This consultation follows on from our January 2017 consultation on the priorities and timetable for our programme of work on the economic regulation of new capacity at Heathrow. It confirms our priorities and seeks views on our latest thinking on the development of core elements of the regulatory framework for Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL). SW2017/103

CAA closes Competition Act investigation

The CAA has decided to close the Chapter II element of its investigation on a suspected abuse of dominant position by East Midlands International Airport and its parent company, the Manchester Airports Group. For details of the investigation and further information on this decision, please visit our website. SW2017/92

Important information for SkyWise app users

A new version of the SkyWise app is being released this week and will be available to download for Apple and Android devices. Please ensure that you have the option for ‘Automatic Downloads’ turned on in your device’s settings so that you can continue to receive notifications. Guidance for Apple devices Guidance for Android devices […]

Economic regulation of NERL 2020-2024: strategic outcomes discussion document

We have published a discussion document seeking views from all interested parties on the process, strategic outcomes, and the relevant issues that should shape the CAA’s approach to the future economic regulation of NERL in the period from 2020 to 2024. Views on all the issues raised in this document are welcomed through our consultation. […]

Policy statement on recovery of Heathrow new runway costs

CAP 1513 sets out our policy in relation to the recovery of costs associated with obtaining planning permission for the new runway and capacity expansion at Heathrow Airport. This policy statement is complementary to our decision to modify Heathrow Airport Limited’s (HAL’s) licence to permit up to £10 million per year of efficient Category B costs […]

Consultation on NATS resilience requirements

Our new consultation sets out the outcome of work we carried out jointly with NATS with regards to NATS’ resilience, and seeks views on a proposed enforcement tool and a new licence condition. We are proposing to adopt specified definitions of resilience, contingency and business continuity and to set the requirements for the enforcement of these under […]

Consultation on our Heathrow new runway priorities

We recently opened a consultation on our priorities and timetable relating to economic regulation of the new runway at Heathrow airport. Responses must be submitted by 14th March 2017, either via the online survey or by emailing We have already made it clear to Heathrow that cost efficiency and value for money are crucial to the […]

Extension to regulation at Heathrow consultation

Following some requests to extend the deadline for our consultation on the design principles for a more outcome-based regime for Heathrow Airport Limited, we will now accept responses until 6 February 2017. SW2017/009

Price fixing decision published

Recently, we found that East Midlands International Airport Ltd, its parent company the Manchester Airports Group Plc (EMIA), and Prestige Parking Ltd infringed Chapter I of the Competition Act 1998 by agreeing to fix parking prices at EMIA. The Competition Act 1998 prohibits agreements that may have a damaging effect on competition and it is not […]

Economic regulation of Gatwick Airport

We have now published the findings and conclusions of our mid-term review of the regulatory framework that we currently apply at Gatwick Airport. Many aspects of the new framework are working well, including GAL agreeing bilateral contracts with airlines representing more than 85% of passengers, traffic growth exceeding expectations and overall passenger satisfaction increasing, and GAL holding its […]

Report on surface access to UK airports

We have been carrying out a review of market conditions on surface access to UK airports to better understand how the sector is operating and how that affects consumers. The review focused primarily on road-based access to airports, including transport-providers’ access to the airport forecourt. Today we published our final report on airport surface access, […]

Consumer Panel annual report 2016

The CAA Consumer Panel helps us to deliver regulation that positively promotes the interests of consumers. The Consumer Panel’s fourth annual report has now been published. It sets out their views on a wide range of issues including the CAA’s Strategic plan, regulation of airport charges at Heathrow, complaints and alternative dispute resolution, surface access to airports, […]

Consultation on outcome-based regulation at Heathrow

This consultation sets out our latest thinking on how regulation of the quality of airport operation services provided by HAL can be improved by strengthening the link with consumer preferences and priorities. We would like the regulatory regime to be responsive to the outcomes that consumers value. Developing the current output-based approach to service quality […]

Statement of objections to East Midlands Airport

Today we issued a formal statement of objections to East Midlands International Airport Ltd (EMIA), its parent company the Manchester Airports Group Plc, and Prestige Parking Ltd. This is following an investigation into a suspected breach of competition law. SW2016/180

Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2017/18

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2017/18. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 9 February 2017. SW2016/175

Recovery of Category B costs by Heathrow Airport

The new document CAP 1469 sets out our final proposals on the recovery of costs associated with obtaining planning permission for new runway capacity at Heathrow Airport. We have also published CAP 1470, formal notice to allow Heathrow Airport Limited to recover £10 million of Category B costs per year for new runway expansion. More details and information […]

Notice to extend Heathrow price control

Formal notice to extend the current price control in Heathrow Airport’s economic licence by one year to the end of 2019. The proposal is to retain the RPI-1.5% price control in the additional year. Any representations on the proposals should be sent to by 5pm on Friday 28 October 2016. SW2016/163

Our approach to airport market power testing

Earlier this year, we consulted stakeholders about how we intend to apply the market power test in the Civil Aviation Act 2012. The market power test is the test that, if met, requires an airport operator to have an Economic Licence from the CAA, i.e. it becomes subject to economic regulation. As a result of […]

Airprox Board Director’s monthly report, June

The Airprox Board UK Director’s Monthly Short Report and Airprox of the Month for June 2016 focusses on glider site over-flights and maintaining situational awareness in the ATZ. Read the report on the Airprox Board’s website.

Operating resilience of the UK’s aviation infrastructure

We have today launched a consultation aimed at supporting the commitment in our strategic plan to think creatively about how existing capacity can be planned and operated to meet stakeholders’ expectations. The UK has some of the busiest and most productive airports in the world, facing many challenges in maintaining day to day operating resilience. […]

Access to the ground handling market at UK airports

We are seeking views and relevant factual information from those with an interest in the provision of ground handling services at UK airports. We are looking for facts, examples, information and stakeholders’ views on the factors we should take into account when carrying out our functions under the Airports (Groundhandling) Regulations 1997. As part of […]

CAA statutory charges 2016-17 released

Updates to Official Record Series 5 – Scheme of Charges (excluding air display and low flying permission charges) have been released. These changes are to be implemented with effect from 1 June 2016. Along with this, CAP 1407 provides the CAA responses to the comments received from respondents to the CAA industry consultation concerning charging proposals to […]

Modifications to NATS (En Route) plc licence

We’ve released our decision to amend the air traffic services licence of NERL to mitigate concerns that the current arrangements for governance and ring-fencing may need to be strengthened to ensure that users are adequately protected from risks which arise outside of the regulated business.

Ryanair faces legal action for breach of consumer law

As part of our on-going campaign to safeguard the rights of UK air passengers, we are taking enforcement action against Ryanair following a review that found it is not complying fully with European consumer law designed to support passengers following flight disruption. We are not satisfied that Ryanair is dealing correctly with compensation claims, and […]