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SERA implementation

The UK is currently implementing the final part of the ‘Standardised European Rules of the Air’ (SERA – Regulation (EU) 923/2012), effective 12 October 2017. In addition to amending the key CAPs and the UK AIP, we have updated our consolidation of SERA, the ANO and The Rules of the Air Regulations 2015 ahead of 12 […]

UK Airprox Board newsletter, July

UKAB’s July 2017 summary focuses largely on Airprox incidents resulting from sub-optimal airmanship. ‘Airprox of the Month’ relates to an incident at Biggin Hill where a PA28 conducting a downwind join came into conflict with a C152 ahead. The lesson is that pilots should make early decisions if things start going wrong with their plan, […]

CHIRP General Aviation FEEDBACK Edition 73

In this edition of CHIRP air transport Feedback: Know your ATCO from your FISO and A/G operator. Airspace infringements; how to avoid them and what to do in the event of infringing. Two examples of well-handled engine failures in the circuit. Transponders and the altitude facility; terminology and tolerances. Plus an unexpected source of FOD, […]

UK Airprox Board newsletter, June

UKAB’s June 2017 summary focuses on Airprox incidents resulting from stretched military ATC units and incidents in and around the visual circuit. ‘Airprox of the Month’ relates to an incident at North Wield where a C152 conducting a very wide downwind track came into conflict with a PA28 joining downwind/base leg. The lesson is that […]

Changes to birdstrike reporting procedures

The UK Birdstrike Reporting Portal and birdstrike reporting form SRG 2004 will be withdrawn on 1 August 2017. This follows the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 376/2014. Wildlife strikes, including bird strikes, will not be differentiated from other reportable occurrences. For information and advice on the reporting methods available from 1 August, please visit our […]

CAA response on EASA NPA 2017-03 – In flight recording for light aircraft

The CAA has published a response to the EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment  NPA consultation 2017-03 ‘In Flight Recording for Light Aircraft’. Read the response on our website SW2017/100

Edition 72 of CHIRP general aviation FEEDBACK

This edition of CHIRP FEEDBACK covers how a pilot’s seat sliding backwards after take-off very nearly resulted in an accident. Unfortunately, an accident did occur when a pilot was a victim of the condition known as ‘confirmation bias’. It also discusses transponders, how to get the best out of Air Traffic Control and how to get […]

New Skyway Code launched to give GA pilots a one stop shop for safety rules and advice

We have published a new online guide to private flying rules, regulations and best practice. The Skyway Code is designed to provide private pilots with quick and easy access to key information and condenses ‘must know’ information on UK GA flying into an easy to navigate PDF. The guide includes illustrations throughout and as well […]

Important information for SkyWise app users

A new version of the SkyWise app is being released this week and will be available to download for Apple and Android devices. Please ensure that you have the option for ‘Automatic Downloads’ turned on in your device’s settings so that you can continue to receive notifications. Guidance for Apple devices Guidance for Android devices […]

Airprox awareness campaign

The number of Airprox incidents involving general aviation aircraft in the UK has been steadily increasing for a number of years. Spring usually sees a particularly sharp increase as the weather improves. The UK Airprox Board (UKAB) has now launched an awareness campaign to remind pilots of how to minimise the risk of being involved […]

UK Airprox Board newsletter, March

UKAB’s March 2017 summary focuses on Airprox incidents in and around the visual circuit. ‘Airprox of the Month’ relates to an incident at a busy A/G airfield where multiple types using multiple runways in poor weather meant that options quickly became limited for one pilot. SW2017/56

Improved Pilot Medical Declaration form

A new, improved Pilot Medical Declaration process is now available – if you have already declared you do not need to do so again. The new process is online only, so applications by post or email will not be accepted. Replacing the old PDF form means that the form will now work on all current browsers, as well […]

Edition 71 of CHIRP general aviation FEEDBACK

This edition of CHIRP FEEDBACK covers how free navigation and distraction can lead to errors, and listening Squawks can help Air Traffic Controllers prevent errors becoming infringements or worse. It also discusses why dwelling on a mistake in the air can compound the original error – the time for analysis and discussing whether follow-up action […]

Applying for 8.33 kHz radio funding

The CAA has secured €4.3 million of funding from the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility to encourage the early transition of the UK GA fleet to 8.33 kHz-capable equipment. The funding will be distributed by way of reimbursal to aircraft owners or pilots to contribute toward the cost of new radio equipment. For more information on […]

Update to CAP 1038 Check Flight Handbook

A new version of the CAA Check Flight Handbook (CAP 1038) has been published. It explains who may carry out Check Flights and offers a number of technical guides to the various aspects of the Check Flight. It is not intended to replace the contents of an aircraft’s flight manual (or Permit to Fly). SW2017/04

UK Airprox Board newsletter, December

UKAB’s December 2016 summary focuses on airprox issues connected with emergency service helicopters and the potential for conflicts between their pilots not seeing approaching aircraft which orbiting or conducting emergency tasks. SW2016/002

Temporary outage of Clacton VOR

Clacton VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. The work will begin on 10 January at the earliest and last approximately three months. For more information about the NATS VOR replacement programme and the impact of the replacement see our new information notice. SW2017/001

Improved environmental complaints form

We are required to provide a way to submit aircraft related environmental complaints from the general public, which we do via our recently updated airspace use form (FCS 1521). This new version of FCS 1521 provides a more robust and universally compatible solution, and addresses viewing/submission difficulties some users were having. SW2016/178

Wales and England airspace restrictions, 28-30 October

Restriction of Flying Regulations for Wales Rally GB at various locations in Wales and England on 28, 29 and 30 October 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M079/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones.

Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2017/18

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2017/18. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 9 February 2017. SW2016/175

Emergency flying restriction, Portsmouth

An Emergency Restriction of Flying (ERF) is in place over Portsmouth Harbour following the discovery of an un-exploded WWII bomb. Precise details below: Lateral Limits – a circle radius 1 nautical mile, centred on position 504851N 0010723W; Vertical Limits – surface to 2500 feet above mean sea level. The ERF is estimated to be finished […]

Airprox Board monthly report, October

The UK Airprox Board October 2016 Director’s summary focuses on Airprox issues connected with electronic conspicuity, overflying glider sites, operating in poor weather, and pilot inaction.

London airspace restrictions, 13 November

Restriction of Flying Regulations for Remembrance Day ceremony at London on 13 November 2016. Details by NOTAM and in AIC M075/2016. Restrictions also apply to the operation of all drones

Consultation on licensing guidance for Gyroplane pilots

The CAA’s Standards Document for the licensing of Gyroplane pilots has been reviewed and updated. We are seeking the views of gyroplane pilots, instructors and other interested parties before formally publishing this document for use. The document now reflects the training requirements for the new CPL (Gyroplanes), night rating and associated requirements for instructors. Updates to reflect the […]

Outage of Wallasey VOR beacon for replacement

Wallasey VOR will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. For more information about the process and impact of the replacement, see our information notice. SW2016/161

Airprox Board 2016 Newsletter – Avoiding Collisions

Director UK Airprox Board’s 2016 newsletter focuses on Airprox issues connected with drones, glider site over-flights, visual circuits, electronic conspicuity and distractions. SW2016/155

2015 UK Airprox Analysis (annual summary)

Director UK Airprox Board’s latest annual report (Blue Book 31) provides a statistical review for 2015, associated themes, and a listing of all 2015 Airprox. SW2016/154

Airprox Board monthly report, September – Avoiding collisions

A monthly update from Director UK Airprox Board giving some learning themes for recreational pilots. Director UK Airprox Board’s monthly short report and Airprox of the Month for September 2016 focuses in particular on airmanship, integration in the ATZ, drones, and inaction on identifying a potential conflict. SW2016/153


Of interest to GA pilots and controllers alike, this edition contains advice about runway incursions and when it might be acceptable to land without clearance. There are also several reports and comments about the interaction with controllers – a TCAS Climb resulted when a pilot did not call Air Traffic Control to announce his presence; […]

Outage of Aberdeen VOR beacon for replacement

Aberdeen VHF Omni Digital Ranging will be temporarily withdrawn to allow replacement of the equipment. For more information about the process and impact of the replacement, see our information notice. SW2016/140