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Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2018/19

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2018/19. For more information, and to submit comments, please view the consultation. All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 8 February 2018. SW2017/216

SAIP AD1 airspace change proposal: decision published

We have published our decision relating to the Swanwick Airspace Improvements Programme (SAIP_ Airspace Development (AD)1 Airspace Change Proposal. A copy of the decision document has been published on our website. SW2017/200

Guidance for NERL in preparing its Business Plan for Reference Period 3: consultation document

We are seeking views on the CAA’s proposed guidance to NERL in preparing its business plan for Reference Period 3 (RP3). For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before 10 November 2017. SW2017/196

CAA decision published for FASI(N) airspace change proposal

The CAA has published its decision relating to the NATS – Revised ATS route structure over the Irish Sea (Isle of Man and Antrim Sectors) Airspace Change Proposal.  A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it, can be found on our airspace change page. […]

UK ATM Vocabulary – CAP 1430 Edition 2 published

Edition 2 of the UK Air Traffic Management Vocabulary (CAP1430) has now been published. It becomes effective on 12 October 2017 and includes amendments introduced by the second phase of the Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2016/1185 (Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) Part C) which represents the final stage of SERA development. Further information on […]

Notification of receipt of ACP consultation feedback report and formal ACP submission

The CAA has received a copy of the Edinburgh ACP Second Consultation Feedback Report relating to the proposed SIDs, Arrival Transitions (and associated hold) airspace change proposal. The report can be found on our website under ‘Sponsor’s external feedback report on second consultation – Issue 1’. Edinburgh Airport has also formally submitted its Airspace Change […]

Noise impacts survey

We are looking at how we can influence the aviation industry’s noise performance, and we would like to hear from people impacted by aviation noise to get a better understanding of what you would like us to do about noise. We intend to use this information to inform how we use our existing powers to improve […]

DfT airspace consultation: CAA response

The CAA has today published its response to the DfT’s consultation on reforming policy on the design and use of UK airspace. SW2017/99

Withdrawal of CAA SID PBN Replication Policy

The CAA Standard Instrument Departure (SID) PBN Replication Policy has been withdrawn pending review and amendment, primarily to remove reference to consultation arrangements, which will now be covered by guidance issued as part of the Airspace Change Process.  This Replication Policy, together with the policies for the PBN replication of Standard Arrival Routes (STARs) and […]

Important information for SkyWise app users

A new version of the SkyWise app is being released this week and will be available to download for Apple and Android devices. Please ensure that you have the option for ‘Automatic Downloads’ turned on in your device’s settings so that you can continue to receive notifications. Guidance for Apple devices Guidance for Android devices […]

Gatwick Route 4 RNAV 1 SIDs

We have published our conclusions in respect of modification requirements to Gatwick Route 4 RNAV 1 SIDs and correction requirements relating to Route 4 Conventional SIDs. Read the full report and associated documentation. Further information about the post implementation review is available on our website. SW2017/48

CAA consultation launched on airspace change process guidance

We have launched a consultation on the draft guidance document that supports the new process for assessing airspace changes. We welcome your views. SW2017/44

Exeter Airport – airspace change consultation

Exeter Airport has launched a consultation on their proposal to establish controlled airspace, running from 9 March 2017 to 9 June 2017. Access the consultation document. View our page on Exeter Airport’s proposal. SW2017/32

Hawarden RMZ airspace change proposal

We have now published our decision relating to the Hawarden RMZ airspace change proposal. We have also released copies of other documentation related to the proposal and our assessment of it. SW2017/25

New report on attitudes towards aircraft noise

Our new report describes the DfT commissioned ‘Survey of Noise Attitudes 2014’, which builds on earlier noise surveys. It covers the study’s approach, sampling strategy, determination of noise exposure, analytics approach, and results. This is accompanied by publication of a more detailed technical report, the raw data, and an independent peer review. SW2017/016

Population trends around UK airports

Our new report looks at population trends around ten UK airports. It also presents a summary of the legislative background in terms of historical and current international and UK land-use planning controls and noise policy. It then presents a methodology for assessing population trends and applies this to ten UK airports. The findings of the […]

Definition of ‘overflight’

As a contribution to the development of revised guidance on the Airspace Change Process, our new report defines ‘overflight’ as it relates to airspace regulation; and details an overflight metric which may be used to quantitatively compare different airspace options. SW2017/014

Revised form for proposing airspace design activity

We recently introduced a revised DAP 1916 form (Notification of Proposed Design Activity) to ensure that it covers all areas of the AIP for which the CAA’s Airspace Regulation section will be responsible for approving. DAP 1916 allows individuals and organisations to initiate the process of obtaining regulatory approval for proposed instrument flight procedure design activity. […]

Consultation on CAA statutory charges 2017/18

We are currently consulting on our statutory charge proposals for 2017/18. For more information, and to submit comments, see All comments must be received before the consultation closes on 9 February 2017. SW2016/175

Hebrides Range (EG D701) airspace change review

We have now completed the post-implementation review of the Hebrides Range (EG D701) airspace change proposal. SW2016/171

Outcome of revised Airspace Change process consultation

In March we consulted on improvements to our airspace change process to ensure that it meets modern standards for regulatory decision-making, and that it is seen as fair, transparent, consistent and proportionate. We have now published the changes we have decided to make which will come into effect next year. For full details, see CAP […]

Brighton City airspace change proposal

We have published the minutes relating to the Brighton City (Shoreham) GNSS Airspace Change Proposal framework briefing. A copy of the minutes can be found on our airspace change pages. SW2016/157

Moray Firth airspace change proposal

We have published our decision relating to the Moray Firth Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ) Airspace Change Proposal. A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it, can be found on our airspace change pages. SW2016/156

Launch of UK ATM Vocabulary (CAP 1430)

The new UK ATM Vocabulary (CAP 1430) provides the authoritative reference for all terms and abbreviations used within specific CAA Civil Aviation Publications related to ATM. Primarily, these terms and abbreviations have been sourced from European Commission Implementing Regulations, particularly Reg (EU)923/2012 Standardised European Rules of the Air. Where terms and abbreviations are not defined […]

WHGA GNSS IAPs airspace change proposal

A Framework Briefing with Wolverhampton Airport Limited was held on 16 June 2016 concerning their proposal to introduce GNSS instrument approach procedures on both runways. We expect Wolverhampton Airport Limited to confirm their intentions in due course. SW2016/134

Surveillance performance and interoperability surveys

In light of the significant implementation issues identified by stakeholders regarding the Implementing Regulation requirements for the performance and the interoperability of surveillance for the Single European Sky, the Commission has initiated a two-step remedial approach. Stakeholders are being asked to complete a two-part on-line survey by 15 September 2016. Click to complete part 1, Datasharing, and part 2, Spectrum […]

Q60 Conditional Route airspace change proposal

We have published our decision relating to the Q60 Conditional Route (CDR) Airspace Change Proposal. A copy of the decision document, along with other documentation related to the Proposal and our assessment of it can be found on our airspace decision pages. SW2016/132

Operating resilience of the UK’s aviation infrastructure

We have today launched a consultation aimed at supporting the commitment in our strategic plan to think creatively about how existing capacity can be planned and operated to meet stakeholders’ expectations. The UK has some of the busiest and most productive airports in the world, facing many challenges in maintaining day to day operating resilience. […]

Launch of Edinburgh Airport flight path consultation

Edinburgh Airport Limited has launched a consultation on their proposals to implement new departure/arrival procedures; the consultation will run for a total of 14-weeks and will close on the 12 September. For more information, see their press release or submit your response via their website. SW2016/107

Airspace change process consultation in final weeks

All interested parties are being invited to input into a CAA consultation on how decisions are made on future changes to the UK’s airspace structure. The consultation is based on a series of proposals aimed at making the UK’s airspace change process more transparent and effective. The consultation is closing 15 June so please respond as […]